Resorts World Catskills Cuts Ribbon on NY Largest Poker Space

New York State is in a period of rapid changes that are all projected to bring positive changes to the gaming field and make it an even more appealing location for casino patrons. The newest casino resort in the state, Resorts World Catskills recently announced the official launch of its brand new poker room elevating the player experience to a whole new level.
Expectations are that with sports wagering launching soon, the casino resort would witness a revenue surge. Casino resorts are always on the pursuit of improving their offerings and making sure that they are as diverse as possible.
Gaming, family-friendly, and accommodation offerings should coexist in a symbiosis that aims to bring a well-rounded experience. Resorts World Catskills is ready to meet its players’ expectations and even surpass them with the brand new poker room transforming some 7,000 square feet of space.
Poker Room Brings the Action
Poker is known to attract people ready to put themselves to the test and see how far they can come. The Monticello casino resort wants to offer the most advanced experience with the largest poker room built in a New York State commercial casino venue.
The special area is located at the casino floor available on site, where millions of individuals have played since the launch of the casino resort at the beginning of 2018. Everyone interested in giving it a try would enjoy service around the clock that would change the way they perceive poker as a pastime activity.

Monticello Casino Closed for Business as Gambling Venues Miss 2018 Revenue Projections by $350M

The poker room comes with 20 tables and as many as 180 seats, guaranteeing enough space for everyone interested in playing. Among the special features that make this poker heaven stand out are the in-room cashier, complimentary beverage service, and USB charging ports for everyone.

Upstate New York Casino Cash Fuels Non-Profit Organizations this Spring

In addition to that, the new poker room also comes with its very own outside smoking deck, as well as and twenty-seven 55-inch TVs. In order to guarantee diverse activities for every taste, the casino resort would offer Texas Hold’em (limit and no-limit), Omaha (Hi-Lo and Pot-Limit), and 7 Card Stud.
Sports Betting Starts Soon
Resort World Catskills is currently preparing for the official launch of sports wagering on site of its casino venue, as it is among the four commercial casinos to host such. It is going to join seven tribal gaming locations as well, some of which have already greenlighted legal sports wagering operation. The casino location is about to team up with international giant bet365.

New York City Could Launch Gaming Expansion Next Phase Sooner than Envisioned

This was possible via through its New York affiliate Hillside LLC, pouring some $34 million into the arrangement. The Monticello gaming resort failed to reach the initial expectations issued prior to its official opening. The casino developer overseeing operation on site, Empire Resorts, witnessed considerable losses over the first 14 months of operation.

Resorts World Catskills Teams Up with bet365 Eyeing Sports Betting Operation

On a monthly basis, this amount managed to reach US$12.58. Actions towards improving the situation have been taken over the past few months, with the poker room being the latest one. Empire Resorts is ready to build a new US$100-million gaming hall in Orange County bringing 1,100 video lottery terminals to Woodbury after 2023.

No Lotto MAX Winner Means the Jackpot Could Continue Swelling for another Week

Lottery gaming is becoming more and more popular among Canadians, especially more so now that the highly popular Lotto MAX has seen an increase in its cap. This Tuesday comes with a record-breaking main prize that reaches CA$65 million.
For the first time ever, someone in Canada will have the chance to bag this fortune with a single lottery ticket purchase amounting to CA$5. The two weekly draws give more opportunities for winning big. When it comes to lottery offerings, players are often drawn to those games featuring the highest prizes and the most attractive tickets.
Scratch tickets rely on bright colors and original ideas that easily draw attention in the sea of possibilities. In the meantime, traditional lottery games such as Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX have a simplistic design, but exciting prizes awaiting their purchasers on a weekly basis.
Lottery Prize Swells Further than Ever Before
Ever since May 14, the lottery game features Canada’s largest ever cap, reaching CA$70 million. This means that the main prize featured in every draw could swell all the way up to CA$70 million, before one fortunate player bags it.
Tuesday’s regular draw is going to feature an estimated jackpot of CA$65 million, marking a new milestone in Canada’s lottery history. Such a figure is special for everyone, as this is the largest jackpot offered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. Expectations are that the Tuesday and Saturday draws are going to attract quite the crowd of lottery enthusiasts willing to lay their hands on the generous cash prize.
In turn, the increased ticket purchase will result in an even further increase of the Lotto MAX jackpot. Up until now, the record belonged to Lotto 6/49 jackpot that managed to swell to CA$64 million. October 2015 was the memorable month that brought one Ontarian close enough to the jackpot to eventually bag it. Now it is time for another lucky Canadian to become substantially richer in a matter of minutes, as long as the lottery draw lasts.
Worsened Odds Concern Players
Many players expressed their thoughts on the recent changes in the Lotto MAX structure, aiming to bring a breath of fresh air to the game and improve the chances of winning big. The two weekly draws offer more chances of claiming the jackpot, which is a step in the positive direction, but in the meantime, there are other factors making a change. An additional ball with the number 50 was added to the draw, which essentially worsened the odds of winning the jackpot.
The bigger range of numbers included, the worsened the chances of matching them. This fiftieth number is going to alter the odds of bagging the main prize to 1 in 33,294,800. Up until this moment, the biggest number was 49 and this placed the odds of matching all seven of them at 1 in 28 million. Results of this are already visible, as there are less and less Lotto MAX main prizes won. April 5 saw the last draw bringing someone a CA$55-million Lotto MAX jackpot.
Dwayne Williams from Whitby, Ontario bagged that jackpot. May 14 welcomed players with CA$17-million main prize. Tickets are usually purchased at the special retail locations sprinkled across the provinces, but there are risks present there too. British Columbia Lottery Corporation has been inspecting points of sale for the past three years and monitoring revealed that most of those fail to demand ID, possibly allowing underage players to purchase lottery tickets.

Couple Ready to Invest CA$14.9M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Slice in Business Expansion

The past few weeks have been especially successful for lottery enthusiasts that are regular purchasers of Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 tickets. The latter was able to guarantee two lottery tickets the colossal jackpot of CA$29,801,647 and the first slice was bagged last week.
This week saw the second half of the windfall make its way to Kim and Michael Verkerk from Sundre, Alberta. They claimed their CA$14,900,823.50 portion of the June 15 jackpot.
Millions of Canadians are hardwired to enjoy lottery and seek the thrill of every draw bringing them the chance of winning big. They have seen their parents and grandparents purchase lottery tickets and this is a tradition they are willing to preserve and continue.
Purchasing lottery tickets on the regular is a practice that supports the rapidly-growing Lotto MAX and the Lotto 6/49 that is also able to offer considerable main prizes. June 15 saw two Lotto 6/49 tickets match the numbers drawn.
Lottery Winners Bag Their Prizes
The draw saw the numbers 10, 19, 24, 30, 35, and 49 being drawn and two tickets purchased in Alberta became eligible for the main prize. The couple hailing from Sundre received the right to claim half of it but they took their time before they contacted the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Mrs. Verkerk said that she remembered to check the ticket in the middle of the night.

CA$30 Million Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Continues Recent Lottery Winning Streak

She was awake in the wee hours of the night and noticed the ticket on the kitchen table, so she decided to give it a quick scan with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation mobile app. It has a convenient feature that eliminates mistakes and makes lottery checking much easier.

Lotto 6/49, Lotto MAX Jackpots Galore Reach Their Winners across Canada

However, that particular evening the app notified her that there is no prize information, so she entered the WCLC website. This is when she found out that the couple is now multimillionaires and their lives would never be the same. Several refreshes of the official website were needed, in order for them to be sure that they are indeed the winners.
Ottawa Ticket Eligible for CA$15.7M
Among the couple’s plans is sharing the jackpot with some of their immediate family members. Furthermore, the two of them are planning some holiday time away from home that will celebrate the windfall. Mrs. Verkerk made it clear that the larger portion of the money will be invested in the business the two of them oversee.

Manitoban Player Claims Hefty CA$9.5M Share of CA$19M Lotto MAX Jackpot

Lotto 6/49 proved its generosity once again this week. July 3 witnessed yet another lucky draw coming with a jackpot of CA$15,764,647.10. The numbers drawn were 13, 21, 26, 30, 38, and 39 and a ticket managed to match all six of them. The fortunate purchase was made in Ottawa, as it was confirmed by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Quebec Lotto MAX Player is Canada’s Next Multimillionaire Eligible for CA$65M

All lottery enthusiasts are encouraged to check their lottery tickets, as they might be Canada’s next multimillionaire. The ticket might be purchased by a single individual, but it could also distribute the prize among a group of people. July 6 is going to bring the next Lotto 6/49 draw and a jackpot of CA$5 million.

B.C. Ministry Greenlights Cascades Casino Delta, Construction Starts Soon

One of the best ways to remain relevant and to meet players’ high expectations is via the introduction of new offerings and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is planning to do this in Delta. Cascades Casino Delta is would soon become a reality in the area, as the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure gave its approval to the project. This was the final step of the approval process and brighter days are coming.
Delta is among the communities to see the construction and launch of a brand new casino venue managed by Gateway Casinos. The project is part of the modernization process that took over Ontario and British Columbia, as new and improved offerings were needed. Over the past several months, the town was seeking more information about the project and various mandatory steps had to be completed, in order to guarantee the construction of the new Cascades Casino Delta.
Ministry of Transportation Gives a Nod
The casino complex amounts to some CA$70 million, meaning that the community and neighboring towns are projected to find the location attractive enough with both gaming and family-friendly offerings. This is an important detail, as individuals are not obliged to gamble when they visit the premium dining areas of the new complex or the adjacent hotel building.
It is crucial for the new casino complex to bring diverse offerings and entertainment for all age groups and preferences. Driven by this idea, the new complex is going to feature the signature Match Eatery and Public House, Atlas Steak + Fish, and The Buffet. In addition to that, Cascades Casino is also going to bring a five-story hotel building for individuals out of town and tourists attracted by Delta’s entertainment potential.
The gaming venue itself is going to feature 500 slot machines, as well as a total of 24 table games, striving to cater to all needs and preferences. For the time being, the official opening of the casino venue is going to take place in 2020, but for the time being no official date has been pinpointed. The Ministry green light was up in the air for some time and this might have impacted the previously issued schedule.
Launch Would Take Place in 2020
It could be recalled that last Friday saw the start of demolition work on site, as the signature Delta Town and Country Inn has to be razed prior to the construction start and this would be a lengthy process. The hospitality complex has been in operation for the past more than 50 years and the razing signifies the end of an era for Delta but also the beginning of a new one.
Introducing gaming to this particular part of British Columbia is a milestone for the local gaming industry, especially after the money laundering allegations swirling around the province. Richmond was dubbed the hub of illegal money laundering activity with its River Rock Casino and its proximity to Delta is concerning to local officials. This is what prompted efforts towards making the new casino venue s cashless one.
Mayor George Harvie made a point prior to his election that he would fight for a gaming facility that does not accept cash payments whatsoever, potentially limiting the possibility of money laundering and dirty cash in Delta. He participated in a special delegation to Ottawa, where Delta officials presented their ideas and showcased the cashless casino venue potential which could transform the province.

Sudbury Officials Concerned LPAT Delays Could Jeopardize Projected Economy Boost

Kingsway Entertainment District is a project demanding more time than previously estimated as there are still things that need to be ironed out. Now Ward 5 Coun. Robert Kirwan wants to see action in relation to this project that is slowed down by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. What could possibly push the situation into the right direction, according to him, is the end of the Sudbury BIA seeking improvement of local businesses.
The entertainment zone project was supposed to see the light of day in the foreseeable future but since it is in limbo at the moment, financing of preparation work on site ceased earlier this year. The official launch of operation could be delayed to 2021. Coun. Kirwan pointed out that a possible approach to unblocking the process could be the Downtown Business Improvement Area disbanding. Potential payments could threaten the city council.
LPAT Optimization Should Happen Soon
Coun. Kirwan offered his piece of advice pointing out that the Sudbury BIA should be dissolved as an organization, allowing local businesses to work on their very own association overseeing the field. It is all a matter of further conversation among Sudbury businesses. In addition to this step focusing more on the local efforts towards improvement, the Coun. Would also seek help from the province.
The Sudbury City Council would be prompted to reach out to the Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs that would have more power over the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal further operation. With the help of influence, the overall pace of work could be sped up. This has been the main concern ever since the LPAT launched operation more than a year ago.
It replaced the Ontario Municipal Board aiming for optimization. However, projections that the review process is going to become faster and hassle-free failed to meet the reality and the tribunal has been stuck ever since November 2018. There is hope that the process could be optimized in the foreseeable future.
Local Coun. Seeks Support as Soon as Possible
He pointed out that it is all a matter of organization at this point. The hearing process would have to be optimized with the attraction of all parties that have to present their point of view in front of the tribunal. This also has to happen in a timely manner, as every delay is costly for the appellants and for the community.
At the moment there are 12 appeals filed in relation to the Kingsway Entertainment District. They have all been introduced by local businessman Tom Fortin, Steve May, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, the BIA, and Christopher Duncanson-Hales. Mr. Fortin has already poured thousands of Canadian dollars into the process. At the beginning of April, he went so far as to file a notice of application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, taking matters even further.
Mr. Fortin quickly realized that the LPAT would have to be bypassed, leaving matters to the Superior Court that would have to deal with the subject in question. This could be prevented only by LPAT revival that could happen soon. What concerns Mr. Kirwan is that Gateway Casinos and Entertainment that is projected to manage a casino venue in KED could eventually scrap all plans due to the delay. The operator is currently seeking a temporary casino location to see it until the KED launch.

BCLC Swelled VIP Baccarat Limits despite Watchdog Money Laundering Concerns

British Columbia has one hot topic over the past few months and that is the money laundering issues that emerged following extensive investigation throughout the province. As more information is revealed, it became clear that in the past British Columbia Lottery Corporation received a green light to swell high-roller betting limits to CA$100,000 around the time of the year when Asians express increased interest towards gambling.
The Chinese New Year is a special time when thousands of Asians take a break and devote their time to traveling abroad, sometimes overseas and gambling. This is a trend visible in Macau when the weeklong celebrations are accompanied by a surge in gaming revenue for all venues. Canada also witnesses surge in gaming interest over that time of the year especially when it comes to high rollers, something that the Finance Ministry was aware of.
GPEB Warned about Suspicious Transactions
It was recently revealed that around the period of celebrations the provincial lottery corporation received the permission to increase baccarat limits across its casino venues in British Columbia from CA$5,000 to the six-figure amount per hand. The move came with the approval of senior-level officials of the local government and the reasoning behind it was that this would increase gaming revenue in the region.
The bigger the revenue, the larger the regular allocations to host communities of the casino venues. This, in turn, boosts the community development down the road and at the time it all seemed like a viable option of operation. Taking advantage of VIP casino patrons willing to pour thousands of Canadian dollars in the casino venues could have been a win-win situation if it was not for the money-laundering allegations and warnings coming from industry watchdogs.
In a sense, this happened despite previous information related to Chinese VIP players and suspicious behavior that they had demonstrated. In the light of recent events and revelations, people wonder whether local politicians purposefully turned a blind eye to washing dirty cash in British Columbia gambling venues. May 2015 saw then-Finance Minister Mike de Jong claim that the move would have a positive impact in the long run on a provincial level.
B.C. Officials Facilitated the Process
Ever since 2010, Joe Schalk, former Senior Director of Investigations with the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch and Larry Vander Graaf, Executive Director of GPEB have been sounding the alarm about money laundering concerns and suspicious transactions happening in casino venues. Later the two of them were dismissed without an explanation. In response to the concerns, BCLC supposedly explained the situation with the personal preferences of Chinese high rollers to gamble with more cash, preferably in CA$20 bills.
This of the reasoning the corporation provided and the conversations with the industry watchdog have been documented. River Rock Casino in Richmond and Edgewater Casino in Vancouver were targeted as the locations that simply must see an increase of the baccarat limits. Coincidentally, River Rock Casino is considered the gaming hub that allegedly enabled millions of Canadian dollars to be washed.
The information about help from senior politicians was unveiled in 2015 by current British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby, closely involved in the development of events. Former BCLC Chief Executive Officer Michael Graydon was the main supporter of this increase. In the light of these revelations, an increasing number of British Columbians report losing faith in the corporation and demand a public inquiry on money laundering.

Now that Victoria Stepped Aside, Saanich Shows Renewed Casino Interest

Casino expansion across British Columbia see previous players making their way in once again, now that the City of Victoria decided to stay away from a second casino. Saanich Councilor Susan Brice wants to pave the way back in with a motion that would seek the opinion of local officials.
Even though it was a second choice for British Columbia Lottery Corporation back then, Saanich might be a winner this time. It could be recalled that nearly three years ago the debate about a second casino venue that would bring more to the Victoria – Saanich area.
The lottery corporation was seeking gaming expansion in the area and those were the two locations competing for hosting the next casino venue that was projected to attract thousands of tourists and casino patrons. Upon a period of evaluation when it comes to the pros and cons of gambling operation, Victoria was highlighted as the more favorable option.
Saanich Might Re-Enter Casino Race
At the time Mayor Lisa Helps was delighted to see her community being the chosen one for gaming development, meaning that Victoria had the chance to welcome a second casino venue in addition to the existing Elements Casino.
Great Canadian Gaming Corporation oversees the gaming venue, but for this casino expansion, the lottery corporation was also eyeing casino operators to the likes of Gateway Casinos, Changes Gaming Entertainment, and Gamehost Inc. Prior to being eliminated as a choice for this expansion, Saanich proposed several possible locations for future casino development.
Then-Mayor Richard Atwell was optimistic about the prospects of a casino venue and the way it would boost the local economy in the long run. However, along with this he also kept the realistic outlook on the field, as problem gambling and irresponsible attitude towards gambling were also on the table. He estimated that several years of operation would have been needed for the new facility to have a positive impact on city coffers.
The proposed locations for development included Douglas Street area from Tolmie Avenue to Uptown Centre, as well as the Burnside-Tillicum area. In addition to those, there were also locations such as Shelbourne Street, the Cedar Hill area, and possibly Royal Oak. For the time being, Saanich officials have not discussed the subject of locations, as the renewed conversation is still at its beginning stages.
Gaming Revenue Could Bring 10-Pct Boost to Coffers
Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps made it clear in December 2018 that she is concerned about the money-laundering crisis in British Columbia’s gaming field and this makes her second-guess potential casino venue expansion. This statement came as a response to BCLC seeking updates on the communities that are still interested in hosting a new casino venue, as the bidding process could commence in the following months.
Upon further discussions and heated voting, the city decided to take no action on future gambling operation. This left an open slot for Saanich to possibly make it in the conversation once more. For the time being City Council would solely take the temperature and explore its options for development in this direction.
Mayor Haynes stated that until councilors obtain more information, no firm decision would be issued. Gaming operation in the area would result in a 10-percent share of the net gaming revenue allocated to the city coffers, something that would benefit the community and its variety of projects.

Loto-Quebec Surge in Lottery and Online Gaming Popularity Makes Revenue Goals Feasible

Quebec players enjoy a wide range of gaming offerings and their enthusiasm was evident by the recently issued Loto-Quebec third-quarter revenue showing a significant year-on-year increase. The revenue generated during this third quarter of the fiscal 2018-2019 adds up to the previous two quarters to reach consolidated revenue of CA$2.165 billion. In the meantime, the net income for the first nine months of the fiscal year reached the CA$1.122-billion mark. Percentage-wise this surge shows that the province enjoys the gaming options available more and more.
The past twelve months have been heated for the province lottery corporation seeking to meet players’ high expectations at all times with its gambling offerings. An improvement is best observed in hindsight and this is possible thanks to the regular revenue reports, such as the most recent one. When it comes to revenue in its entirety, Loto-Quebec witnessed a 7.8-percent surge in comparison to the first nine months of the previous fiscal year. This equates to a surge of CA$156.9 million.
Loto-Quebec Could Reach Its CA$1.261B Goal
February 2018 saw a revenue report showcasing CA$2,008 billion bagged at the end of the first three quarters of the fiscal year. The lottery corporation proud of its accomplishments and improved gaming praised this positive direction of development. In the meantime, net income also saw a surge over this time period. A year-on-year comparison showed that last February’s report issued publicly net income of CA$1.019 billion.
When compared to the current data, there is a well-rounded 10.1-percent jump in the net income figure, another positive sign. In digits, this reaches a CA$103-million increase, which is a figure to reckon with. Considering these figures and looking forward to the last quarter of the fiscal year, the future appears to be bright. Lynne Roiter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loto-Quebec stated that for the time being the corporation seems well on its way to achieving its net income target for this year.
It amounts to CA$1.261 billion, considerably higher than last year’s one. At the moment this goal is feasible, considering the pace at which the figures are rising. The factor that contributed most for this increase was lottery operation across the province and the generous cash payouts many Quebecois definitely boosted tally. It added some 18 percent to the revenue surge with the Lotto MAX game jackpots and the rising popularity of instant lottery purchases.
Lotto MAX and Live Online Casino Prove Beneficial
People across Quebec seem to be more eager to try their luck and purchase both traditional and instant lottery tickets. They have enjoyed raging popularity for years, but this is even more visible when progressive jackpots begin to increase at a breakneck speed. This month saw two co-workers from the Montreal region splitting a CA$26.6-million Lotto MAX jackpot.
In addition to the lottery operation, casino venues overseen by the lottery corporation were also able to contribute to the overall upwards movement. Casino de Montreal is among the heated locations at the moment as a result of the grand celebrations of its 25th birthday. Casino patrons enjoying its offerings over this special period of the year added some 4.2 percent to Loto-Quebec income jump at the end of Q3.
What should also be taken into account is that online gaming is currently on the rise thanks to the partnership inked between the lottery corporation and Evolution Gaming. Online Live casino action is available for everyone interested in diverse gaming at ever since the beginning of January. Revenue saw a 32-percent jump as a result.

Gateway Casinos Confirms South Huron Casino Construction Interest

A casino venue could soon make its way to South Huron, as the conversation has been ongoing and seemingly productive. In a recent statement, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment confirmed that the casino operator has discussed the subject with South Huron officials and the next few months could see Gateway Casinos representatives pay a special visit to the proposed construction area near Grand Bend.
A gambling venue project that started as a simple idea could very soon make a move in the right direction and receive a green light. South Huron is one of the particularly attractive locations in general and thousands of people from near and far prefer it for their vacations around the year. The area could soon feature a brand new casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos, as local officials have introduced their idea for development.
Casino Conversation Gives Positive Results
South Huron Mayor George Finch stated that family-friendly entertainment opportunities abound in South Huron and the only factor missing at the moment is a successful gaming facility built in collaboration with a premium operator. Ever since the beginning of this year, the conversation has been in progress and the Mayor have managed to convince the casino operator that it is a viable move.
Among the winning arguments in support of a casino venue in South Huron was the projection that this could improve the financial state of the city coffers and attract further investment to the area. Lambton Shores, one of the neighboring communities is also expected to benefit from the increased interest in the region, as well as from a possible revenue-sharing agreement that could be arranged.
Following the conversation, the casino operator has confirmed it is going to make its way to South Huron and learn more about the area and the opportunities for development in it. Gateway Casinos Spokesperson Rob Mitchell stated that the idea appears to be tempting, as well as a potential development that would need more time to be extensively reviewed. However, there are more factors involved in this decision-making process.
Neighboring Communities Want to Have a Say
Cannibalization of the field is not something Gateway Casinos or any casino developer is fond of, and preventing it from happening is of utmost importance. The casino operator has a slots location in Clinton. Gateway Casinos Clinton is located some 36 kilometers away from South Huron and this could lead to a gaming revenue drop down the road.
The Clinton location offers various slot machines to its players and Mr. Mitchell stated that its operation will remain a priority for the casino operator. Last month saw officials pinpoint a location that could transform the community with its casino offerings. The area around Huron County Playhouse and Dark Horse Estate Winery could provide the needed conditions for successful gaming operation away from the downtown area of South Huron.
Problem gambling rates increase is a possibility that should be minimized both by choosing the most appropriate location and by introducing the needed player protection. Meanwhile, Bill Weber, Mayor of Lambton Shores and Warden of Lambton County, stated that neighboring communities should have a say in this development, as it will affect them too.

North Bay Finally Ready to Set Cascades Casino Details in Stone this Wednesday

North Bay is on the verge of making a crucial decision when it comes to the future construction of the future casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos. This Wednesday is set to bring a long-anticipated meeting held by the City Council which would make known the exact location of the gaming facility, in addition to the essential arrangement making sure the revenue generated is utilized for everything needed across the community.
The most recent statement comes after a period of many speculations and questions about the future of this casino venue, set to bring quite the improvement to North Bay and the region in general. Its operation is projected to benefit neighboring communities to the liking of Callander Township and East Ferris. It is high time that the North Bay community had the opportunity to learn more about the project which has been in the works for months now.
Information DIsclosed Up to This Point
The meeting held this Wednesday will give the official green light to the project, as local officials are expected to issue a permit for operation to Gateway Casinos, solidifying its position in the market. This would identify that the project is indeed going to happen, boosting the economy of the region and providing individuals with the chance to join the workforce of Cascade Casino.
Furthermore, this meeting is expected to dedicate its time to another important aspect of the future operation on site, as it is projected to establish the final location of the casino resort. There have been several considered locations for it, as the casino developer and operator has previously proposed the North Bay Regional Health Center just off Highway 17. Following several weeks of discussions with the Ministry of Transportation regarding the future project, they were scrapped.
September brought the news that the casino operator has shifted its focus on another more suitable parcel of land, as they were too many variables and uncertainties to the proposed parcel of land. The last known proposal for a land lot is a 7-acre parcel of land situated in the vicinity of Highway 11, which is considered to bring many individuals to the venue and make their access to it easier.
Essential Agreement Set to be Discussed
In addition to this two crucial points of the scheduled meeting, there is also going to be the third point of discussion, taking care of the Municipality Contribution Agreement, eyed by individuals from near and far. With the help of this agreement, operation of the future casino venue is going to be mutually beneficial to all entities involved and bring an economical boost at the end of the day.
The information came from the City of North Bay’s Chief Administrative Officer Keith Robicheau, who filed his resignation this Tuesday. Up until this point the region has had a contribution arrangement mandating that some 5.25 percent of the first CA$65 million amassed via Electronic Gaming Revenue for the given fiscal year is allocated to the host community which has welcomed the casino venue. In addition to that, there is also a 4-percent portion of the Live Table Games Revenue which is also utilized by the given region.
Future operation of the casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos is projected to provide a steady permanent employment to as many as 200 individuals from the region, willing to join the staff of the leading casino company. What should be pointed out is that the casino operation is also going to boost other businesses in the region, as it is going to utilize their offerings in order to supply the location with everything necessary.
The crucial meeting is going to take place at 5 p.m. at the City Council, providing more information regarding the upcoming weeks of development. It is going to bring an end to a period of prolonged anticipation and lack of information.