CA$26M Lotto MAX Jackpot Flies to St. Thomas, More Cash Bagged in Quebec

Lottery jackpots have been a topic of wide discussion over the past few weeks, as the popular lottery offerings consistently grant their Main prizes as soon as they ripen. Lotto MAX is among the most popular games guaranteeing its hefty jackpots, such as this week’s one.
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that a single winning ticket worth CA$26 million had been sold in St. Thomas ahead of August 6 regular Lotto MAX draw.
Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two lottery offerings eyed by everyone interested in lottery gaming, as they feature the highest caps and have two regular weekly draws. Their affordable ticket prices make them an appealing opportunity of winning big in a matter of minutes. Tuesday brought the latest draw with a jackpot reaching approximately CA$26 million and players were eager to find out whether there is a winner.
Lottery Jackpots Galore
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that there is in fact, a single winning ticket sold in St. Thomas. All local lottery enthusiasts that had purchased a ticket prior to Tuesday’s draw are considered potential winners.

Canadian Provinces Praise Fresh Lotto Millionaires Bagging Hefty Jackpots

The lottery corporation recommended that every lottery player checks their pockets for misplaced lottery tickets that could change their life. This week’s Lotto MAX draw was also generous for a single ticket sold in Sudbury that matched the number needed for the Encore draw.

Lotto 6/49, Lotto MAX Jackpots Survive, Players Grab Smaller Cash Prizes

This means that whoever is in possession of it could very soon receive their prize of CA$100,000. While the OLG awaits brand new winners, a group of nine individuals came forward to bag their prize of CA$250,000 from the April 20 Lotto 6/49 regular draw.

Mississauga Lotto 6/49 Player CA$9M Richer, Richmond CA$60M Winner Still Hesitates

The last days of April brought Lotto 6/49 draws including ten Guaranteed Prize Draws reaching CA$250,000 each. The single ticket purchased by a group of individuals bagged one of those. This is a common practice across Canada. Edward Lebar of Brampton led the group of nine to Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Prize Center in Toronto where they collected their prize.
Banco Also Grants Winnings
They purchased the lucky piece of paper at Petro Canada on Kennedy Road in Brampton and as a result of that, each of them would bag a slice reaching about CA$27,780. The major lottery offerings such as Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are not the only capable of changing people’s lives, as there are other games up for grabs. Banco is among them, proving it is more than ready to change more lives.

Richmond Player Now Eligible for CA$60M Lotto MAX Windfall

August 1 was a lucky day for one Banco enthusiast hailing from Matanie, Quebec. Benoit Rouleau became eligible for a windfall of CA$200,000 as a result of the lucky draw and he could not believe his eyes when he checked the ticket via the Loto-Quebec mobile app. Another Quebec resident also tasted the opportunities with some fresh lotto cash this week.

Lotto 6/49 Winner Bag CA$9.1M while Many Eye Lotto MAX CA$60M

Laval resident Jean-Luc Vallée participated in Lotto Poker action and purchased a ticket for the July 30 regular draw. As a result of this small investment, he recently had to make his way to Montreal to bag CA$39,941. Plans for the foreseeable future include spoiling his wife and children.

The 2019 Canadian Gaming Summit Awards Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

The 2019 Canadian Gaming Summit in Edmonton took place this week and gave recognition to some of the most accomplished individuals within the gaming industry. It reflects both the commercial and First Nations gaming, awarding all achievements.
John Dominelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer of NRT Technology received the 2019 Industry Leadership and Outstanding Contribution Award. This week was a special one, as it brought the annual congregation of everyone who is anyone in the Canadian gaming industry.
Individuals that have worked hard over the past twelve months received the honor of bagging an award and seeing that their efforts pay off. Such motivation is enough to bring out the best in people and propel the local field. Just like every other year, this one gave everyone what they deserve, featuring both commercial and tribal gaming.
Gaming Congregation Praise Achievements
Usually, within the lines of the gaming summit taking place in Edmonton, Alberta the Canadian Gaming Industry Awards took place. An individual from the commercial casino field receives their prize for their leadership sense, as well as the various ways in which they could improve the Canadian gaming industry in general.
Two decades ago the awards saw their first ceremony and ever since then their success has only grown. This year the coveted by many Industry Leadership and Outstanding Contribution Award went to John Dominelli, founder and CEO of NRT Technology.
He received this appraisal for the years of contributions to the gaming field and the innovation brought to life with his help. Ever since 1993 when the company was founded, he has worked towards bringing something new to both the lottery and the casino sectors. The company has set the tone for the entire industry with its integrated ticket redemption and cash access kiosks and payment services.
Throughout the years, its influence has spread across brick-and-mortar casino venues, lottery retail locations, as well as ATM operators around the globe. Acquisitions have also boosted the overall success of NRT Technologies, spanning across five locations worldwide.
First Nation Members Bag Awards
Within the structure of the gaming summit, First Nations overseeing casino operation also had the opportunity to feel proud of their accomplishments. For the 10th year in a row, the Annual First Nation Gaming Awards increased the temperature and praised First Nations individuals directly involved in the casino field of Canada. First Nation Canadian Gaming Community Service Award marked the first category of the ceremony.
Tracey Aginas received it for her ongoing efforts dedicated to the Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation and its improvement through the years. First Nation Canadian Gaming Lifetime Achievement Award was the second category highlighting achievements across the tribal gaming field. John Blair Morin was the individual who received for his decades of efforts towards better days for the local casino field.

Alberta’s Charity Gambling Revamp Would Take Years, People Already Worry About Impact

He started as a Blackjack dealer at The Place Casino in Edmonton and put in work to make it to the Board of Directors of the River Cree Resort & Casino. Mr. Morin is renowned for launching the first tribal casino venue in the province, as well as a school for casino dealers.

First Nation Canadian Gaming Awards Praise Stellar Performance across the Industry

The Awards also featured a First Nation Canadian Gaming Employee of the Year Award bagged by Rob Commanda and First Nation Canadian Gaming Leadership Award won by Lise Kwekkeboom. Both individuals are part of the Casino Rama Resort structure.

Niagara Falls Bags US$5M Slice of State Cash amid Tribal Casino Money Debate

Casino support is essential for every host community, as it is an additional boost that could be needed for its progressive development or could fund local projects. Niagara Falls, New York received the first US$5-million financial support coming not from a casino venue, but instead from the government ready to support it in this time of need.
The reason is that the Seneca Nation of Indians are set in their ways and refuse to pay gaming revenue allocations reaching US$255,877,747.44. Gaming revenue allocations are a guaranteed source of funds for any community hosting a casino facility and they are a way for it to compensate the locals.
Gaming revenue generated by the casino venue fuels an allocation amounting to some percentage that goes straight to the city coffers. This is where local officials have the freedom to reinvest the casino cash as they deem most appropriate.
Casino Allocations Reach Millions of American Dollars
This could spell roadworks, beautification works, improvement of parks and recreation areas, and more. Over the past two years, Seneca Nation of Indians has refused to pay the aforementioned casino allocations to the City of Niagara Falls which has proven to be devastating to the community. The overall amount of cash owed reached US$255,877,747.44.

Niagara Falls Coffers Run Dry without Seneca Nation of Indians Casino Payments

In response to the dire situation, Niagara Falls is currently in, New York state government stated it is ready to support it financially. The first slice of the overall US$12 million support was recently bagged by the city officials and it is going to help for the funding of various projects. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo promised the substantial support and things have begun falling into place.

Seneca Nation Seeks Federal Court Help amid Casino Allocations Saga

City Council Member Kenny Tompkins has been an avid supporter of this state aid idea. Over the past several weeks, he has been actively seeking information. Now almost half of the overall amount was sent to the bank just in time to prevent a disaster. Mid-June local officials warned that Niagara Falls is going to run out of cash by the end of July.
Another US$7 Million Would Be Bagged Soon
Mr. Morello has been in contact with the state officials, following the progress of the cash aid, as the situation was getting out of control. It could be recalled that the beginning of this year saw Niagara Falls receive a US$12-million loan that was supposed to cover everything until the legal feud with the tribal nation is solved. However, half a year later this issue still remains unsolved.

Seneca Nation Seeks Justice via the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Niagara Falls City Councilman Kenny Tompkins is among the individuals warning about the repercussions of coffers running dry, especially when it comes to the tourist hotspot. What is missing is the 25-percent allocations generated by Seneca Niagara Falls Resort and Casino, Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, and Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino.

Seneca Nation Could Complicate Matters for Casino Host Communities

A special arbitration panel sought to solve the situation, ultimately ruling that the tribal operator has to continue regular payments past the 14th year of casino operation, a detail that has never been negotiated in the operation compact. The Native American tribe filed federal court action that aims to vacate the arbitration panel.

Turtles Protection Protest Heats Casino Groundbreaking Day in North Bay

North Bay is ready to welcome the construction of its brand new premium casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The last day of May was dedicated to the long-anticipated groundbreaking ceremony attracting local officials and Mayor Al McDonald himself.
Cascades Casino North Bay is going to be part of the new wave of gaming venues launching operation in the upcoming couple of years in the region.
A new casino venue is always good news for the local economy and the levels of interest individuals from neighboring communities are projected to see a jump. In a matter of months, the now empty parcel of land is going to be a lively area featuring all the signature chimes and sounds of slot machines and gaming table action. Cascades Casino North Bay is also expected to feature more family-friendly offerings such as the dining areas MATCH Eatery & Public House and The Buffet.
Casino Launches July 2020
This groundbreaking ceremony is a milestone for North Bay that has been working in close collaboration with the casino operator and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for the past several years. The process of discussion was extended, as many factors were involved in the process and the local community had something to say regarding the future casino operation in town.
Concerns of problem gambling surge in the area were expressed, but the City Council voted twice approving future casino venue in North Bay. Shortly after that, the Blanding’s turtle natural habitat in the area of future construction was also involved in the conversation. Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony also saw several individuals representing Save the Turtle, Stop the Casino bring signs at a peaceful protest of sorts.
The individuals pointed out that they consider this decision a harmful one for the North Bay environment and they would seek justice. Greg Gray, one of the protesters, said that the issue goes back to 2016 when the casino zoning proposal was first introduced. Back then, turtles’ future was not taken into account, resulting in the current controversial situation.
Turtles Interfere Once Again
The new casino complex is projected to bring steady employment to as many as 300 individuals from the local and neighboring communities. The CA$31.1-million project is also expected to propel the local economy with businesses benefitting from the exciting new opportunities. North Bay Mayor Al McDonald used the opportunity to express publicly his opinion on the subject.
He pointed out that the opportunity for development should not be overlooked even though the process of conversation has not been the smoothest over the past months. Now that the casino construction has officially started, the management says that a one-year deadline is set. Cascades Casino North Bay is projected to welcome its first casino patrons in July 2020.
Another gaming zone – Sudbury, is still in a limbo when it comes to its future Gateway Casino, as it depends on Kingsway Entertainment District’s progress. The casino operator currently oversees its slots location in Sudbury Downs, but its lease would expire soon and relocation is eyed. A temporary casino venue is a solution, as proposed by developer Dario Zulich.

Blue Sky Bingo Draws Short Straw on Modernization ahead of Trying Times

Trying times are prone to test the community’s unity and its preparedness for action when the need arises. North Bay is now willing to help its bingo hall, which is going through a rough patch. Blue Sky Bingo is threatened by closing for business, as the province refuses to allow it to bring cGaming on site of the venue and improve its offerings.
Modernizing traditional gaming is a way for every location to remain competitive and a preferred entertainment option in an ever-changing gaming field. With so many offerings such as advanced casino locations, online gaming available in the comfort of players’ homes, and more, bingo venues have a rather vintage feeling to them. Introducing interactive bingo with touchscreen technology is crucial for many venues, perceiving it as a golden ticket for a gaming revenue surge.
Bingo Needs Innovative Offerings
March was a tough month for the bingo venues, as the Charity Gaming Federation of Ontario and Charitable Gaming and Bingo Innovation Association made it clear that the facility would not be among the bingo facilities benefitting from the innovative e-bingo platform.
The document included some locations offering traditional bingo action while omitting others and Blue Sky Bingo drew the shorts straw. The explanation behind this move was that Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation seeks upgrade of existing electronic bingo operation.
This meant that some 37 venues already offering modernized bingo action to their patrons are now eligible for a cGaming upgrade. In the meantime, venues still relying on traditional bingo offering would have to open conversation in the foreseeable future.
Once the e-bingo platform has been tested and approved as a reliable one in real life conditions, other bingo locations would be able to benefit from potential modernized offerings. Save Blue Sky Bingo is the organization that wants to prevent a devastating crash and burn of the local bingo scene. The venue is among the ten venues that have been excluded from the modernization wave.
cGaming Upgrade Would Not Reach Bingo Venue
Blue Sky Bingo owner John Rinn, stated that this move came as a surprise for the bingo management, as it pays taxes and strives to remain a reliable source of gaming excitement. The location supports more than 50 local charity organizations, the employment market, and a cGamign implementation would have introduced 30 more job positions to the existing ones.
In 2017 solely the venue was able to allocate some CA$1.2 million to the not-for-profit charity organizations in North Bay and the region. The venue would have to remain competitive in its offerings, as Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is planning to bring its brand new CA$31.3-million casino venue in the area, which would further complicate matters for the traditional bingo venue. Back in 2016 when the conversation about a casino venue first started, the bingo-funded organizations were concerned for their allocations.
In addition to the allocations, the bingo venue also sets aside some 10 percent of the bingo revenue for advertising and promotion of its offerings, equating to some CA$230,000 on an annual basis. Bingo operation is able to bring spectacular results in the long run, as it was confirmed by Jackpot City Bingo in Sarnia and its recent allocation reaching CA$5 million. As many as 100 Sarnia charitable organizations are going to benefit from this amount.

WCLC Enthusiasts Obsess over Groundbreaking CA$500K Scratch Ticket

Western Canadian Lottery Corporation is on the constant pursuit of bringing only the most exciting lottery offerings to its players. Pollard Banknote Limited acknowledges excellent performance when such is evident, which led to the recent appraisal of one of the scratch ticket offerings – THE BIG $PIN.
The colorful ticket is able to attract the attention of more players than ever, as it was first sold on March 4 this year. Players are always looking for the new and better lottery offering that has the potential to make them richer in no time.
The more colorful and detail-attentive a ticket is, the better chances players have of noticing it and purchasing it in hopes of winning big. Pollard Banknote is known for collaborating the Canadian provincial corporations and with the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation for decades now and it has specialized in the most advanced scratch ticket perks.
Lottery Game Marks Stellar Performance
The performance of this particular lottery ticket has been impressive for the relatively limited time it has been up for grabs. It has shown performance surpassing other CA$5 scratch lottery games by 400 percent. Such a feat ranks THE BIG $PIN as the top lottery game offered by Western Canadian Lottery Corporation in the last decade.
Furthermore, another line of comparison could be made when it comes to all lottery sales in the past six years. The brand new scratch game performs best among its rivals, meaning that Canadians across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut enjoy the offering on a regular basis.
Thanks to its low price range, it is an accessible offering that could guarantee up to CA$500,000 in cash winnings. What makes it unique for the market is the interactive nature it has. Individuals purchasing the CA$5 ticket have the chance to bag an instant cash prize, but that is now all. Every once in a wheel a ticket features the phrase SPIN WIN that opens a world of possibilities for the fortunate player.
THE BIG $PIN Could Get Players on TV
The special phrase makes it possible for the player to level up and take the game action to a local WCLC retail point. Upon presenting the scratch ticket, they have the chance to watch a special wheel spin on the Lottery terminals available on site. This could guarantee them a cash prize ranging from CA$10 to CA$10,000. They could also win the opportunity to attend a live BIG $PIN event.
It is all televised and players could bring their friends and family for support. The wheel spin they could result in a guaranteed cash prize ranging anywhere between CA$100,000 and CA$500,000. Pollard Banknote was excited to praise the lottery offering as a revolutionary one that involves several channels of participation. Engagement diversity related to THE BIG $PIN means that the player does not experience a three-minute rush of excitement only.
It could be extended in time with even better opportunities for cash winnings down the road. The printing lottery supplier Pollard Banknote is excited to continue operation with the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation and the five provincial lottery corporations. Mid-April it announced the official inking of a 5-year contract extension of its Instant Printing Services Agreement.

Federal Budget Could Pour CA$200M into Money Laundering Battle

Money laundering on a national level is a serious issue that jeopardizes the integrity of a wide array of sectors. Its prevention is something the federal government is working on and its latest proposal of implementing the Anti-Money Laundering Action and Co-ordination Team that would be able to keep an eye on the casino, real estate, and other sectors across Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
Washing copious amount of cash on a daily basis through various sectors for years on end is a possibility that causes concern in many Canadians. Estimations have failed to put their finger on the true scale of the issue, but it could be well into the millions. Prevention of future money laundering are among the main concerns of taxpayers and the federal government might have responded to their incessant demands.
Anti-Money Laundering Action and Co-ordination Team to Launch
Tuesday saw the official issuing of the 2019 budget that featured some CA$29 million dedicated for the further research and work on minimizing the destructive practice. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is going to receive a portion of the said funding, in addition to the financial intelligence watchdog. What drew the attention of people from all corners of Canada, was the announcement of a special task force that would keep an eye on anything suspicious.
This new task force is going to actively search for any potential loopholes that could be used for washing dirty cash, as well as monitor the sectors that are highly prone to illegal practices taking place. At the moment Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are eyed as the locations that have the capacity of attracting such criminal activities. They are going to be closely monitored by the new task force.
This would be the first step in the right direction, as the federal government plans on pouring more funding. About CA$200 million are going to be invested in battling money laundering over the span of the following five years, but that is not all. In this same time period, more funding will be provided for further research and prevention of money laundering practices. The pilot program of this new ACE Team is projected to cost about CA$24 million from the federal budget, striving to bring a wide variety of agencies.
Criminal Code Amendment Proposed
According to the information issued this Tuesday, the special task force would bring together intelligence agencies to the likes of RCMP, Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, as well as numerous federal justice department prosecutors. This is going to facilitate the flow of information between them, as they would share information and discoveries of potentially risky.
This shortfall has allowed criminal activity to continue for years and launder millions of Canadian dollars. In addition to this new task force, Fintrac and Canada Border Services are going to team up and for the creation of a Trade-based Money Laundering Centre of Expertise. With the help of a CA$28.6 million over the span of four years and CA$10.5 million annually following this period would ensure that washing dirty cash threats within the export and import sector would be closely monitored.
In addition to that, Canada’s Criminal Code is going to see a crucial amendment that would make it illegal for businesses operating with cash to move money on behalf of another person or organization if they have the knowledge that there is a risk.
The announcement of these groundbreaking changes came as good news for British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby who has been an active part of the money-laundering battle. Two new reports on the subject focusing on the real estate field are expected to be issued this month.

You Guessed It Right: The Price is Right Live Comes to River Rock Casino

This summer is going to be a special one for Richmond residents and people living in the area since The Price is Right Live is going to make its way to River Rock Casino. The live show is projected to transform the venue into a heated gaming arena while making people’s dreams come true.
Four live shows are going to be sprinkled across June 14 to June 16 at the premium casino venue and tickets would be on sale on March 8. Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself on TV not because of the thrill of becoming famous, but because of the thrill of playing one of the renown TV games across North America?
If your answer is Yes then you might want to make your way to Richmond this summer, as The Price is Right Live is going to transform gaming experience for many people from across Canada. This Friday would be a special day, as tickets would be available for purchase.
The Price is Right Live Comes in June
Pricing is essential not only when it comes to shopping but also when great cash prizes are on the line. The live edition of the longest-running TV show will give Canadians the chance to put their knowledge to the test and make their lives easier in a matter of minutes.
Well-known games to the likes of Plinko, Cliffhangers, The Big Wheel, and the fabulous Showcase are going to make their way to the casino venue in Richmond. Among the premium prizes that would be featured in those four live shows, people could bag cash prizes, various appliances, vacations to exotic destinations, as well as a shiny new vehicle.
In order to make it easy for anyone to participate in the exciting live show, the three dates would span across an entire weekend. In order to guarantee their access to the venue and the chance to enter the live game, tickets would be mandatory for players.
For those interested in purchasing tickets, March 8 would be the day when they are going to have the chance to do so starting at 10 a.m. They will be available online at the official River Rock website and the best offer they can get starts at CA$39.50. This amount includes service charges. VIP opportunity will be available as soon as Wednesday when players will have the chance to purchase premium tickets at 10 a.m.
Live Action Brings Great Prizes
What should be pointed out is that players allowed to make their way into the game should be 19 years old or older in order to have the chance to play for some of the generous prizes. A random draw is also going to determine who makes it in the game. Players who make their way to the venue will have the chance to participate in the mandatory draw that is going to provide everyone with an equal chance of winning big.
Friday action is scheduled to commence at 8 p.m. whereas Saturday is going to feature two live games at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday is projected to bring only one starting at 2 p.m. It should be taken into account that the official host of The Price is Right Drew Carey is not going to be present on site, but there will be another famous host that will make the entire experience even more special.

BCLC Probes Playing Cards Destruction Failure, Casino Blames Shredding Company

Playing cards used in casino venue are usually hole-punched in the center or cut in the corners once they are discarded and this is a common practice that prevents cheating. British Columbia Lottery Corporation recently discovered playing cards that have somehow remained intact after being discarded from Grand Villa Casino and they were supposed to be destroyed by the company ShredWise.
Sensitive information, as well as casino playing cards that should be used once they have been sent for shredding, should be taken care of in an appropriate manner. Casino venues such as the hotspot gaming location in Burnaby use the services of other companies that take care of the destruction. In this case, there are playing cards previously used at the casino venue that have somehow remained perfectly intact after they had been handled by ShredWise.
Playing Cards Were Found Intact in Bins
They were located in a bin in Surrey where they were disposed, but not in the state they were supposed to be. This bin was one of 17, all containing sensitive information and documents that were supposed to be shredded, including financial records. Such practice goes against the regulations and the basic operation of the company that is trusted to shred all documents it receives.
Upon finding out about this particular bin with playing cards, British Columbia Lottery Corporation launched an investigation that seeks to find out what led to this failure of the company. It was confirmed that those playing cards had been previously used at Grand Villa Casino. The parking lot where the disposed cards were located was not guarded in any way, making the access to said bins easy.
The investigation into the case was mandatory, as it showcases a direct breach of the regulations and casino venue rules of operation. British Columbia Lottery Corporation pointed out this was a concerning discovery and a probe launched as soon as possible. It should be noted that casino operators overseeing gambling offerings in British Columbia are obligated to safely dispose of their playing cards which includes rendering them useless.
Breach of British Columbia Regulations
Upon addressing the issue, two guards at the casino venue appeared to be surprised by the turn of events, as it was unexpected to them. The last time they saw said cards was when they were collected by the shredding company, presumably to be destroyed in the following few hours. As it turned out this was not the case and those cards were simply discarded at the bins in Surrey.
Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator overseeing Grand Villa Casino and shortly after the BCLC investigation launched, it issued a related statement. The gaming giant points out that upon further investigation it was confirmed that ShredWise failed to accomplish the task of destroying said decks of cards which also breached the existing arrangement for collaboration between the two parties.
Other concerning discovery was made meanwhile, as a Langley woman discovered her uncashed signed cheques lay undestroyed in bins at that very unsupervised parking lot They included personal information to the likes of her name, address, phone number, as well as her bank account number. Tino Fluckiger, Chief Executive Officer of ShredWise, stated that this is not a regular practice and it is an employee’s fault.

Alberta Gets Foot in the Door with Online Gambling Request for Proposals Eyeing a 2020 Launch

Online gambling could soon become a reality in Alberta, bringing exciting opportunities for thousands of gaming enthusiasts across the province. Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis is taking the necessary steps for implementing the new offering in the foreseeable future and the first one is, of course, probing the field and seeking potential partners developing this new project that could launch by the end of 2020.
Making gaming even more accessible via online and mobile offerings oriented towards the younger generation could be possible in Alberta, with the help of recent actions in this direction. The Crown corporation overseeing the gambling field and providing the necessary set of rules recently made a move in this direction and considered introducing Canada-based online gambling to Alberta’s residents. In order to make this possible, however, it would have to find the right partner that would ensure future success.
Online Gambling Could Soon Become Reality
It happened without drawing too much attention, but still resonated throughout the industry and send out the message that Alberta is ready to bring something new to players. A request for proposals sought companies willing to showcase their skills and introduce the most advanced online gambling platform. Players’ expectations are high and they should be met by offerings available in the province.
Only hours after the request was out, technology suppliers were already expressing their contentment and capability of working on future online gambling opportunities in Alberta. For the time being their names have not been revealed, but interest demonstrated shows that the field is ready to welcome new offerings and companies consider themselves competent enough to bring a quality product to it. Canadians are able to burn through some CA$358 million a year on foreign online gambling sites, which is a considerable amount of cash.
Alberta’s gaming regulator strives to make it more convenient for local players to enjoy their favorite pastime activity and support the local community in the meantime. Projections are that a considerable portion of the aforementioned amount of cash will be retained within the borders of the province with the introduction of local online gambling platform. This will essentially make Saskatchewan the sole province still unable to offer local online gaming to its residents.
CA$358 Million Slip Away Annually
Mobile gambling is one of the more appealing possibilities of development at the moment, as it brings the element of easy access anytime, anywhere. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives and for many people, it only makes sense for them to be utilized for gambling as well. Desktop gambling targets another subdivision of online gambling enthusiasts that would prefer the convenience of a PC when they gamble.
It could be recalled that 2015 saw another attempt at introducing mobile gambling on a provincial level and there were even estimations for its launch before the end of that year. Considered moving at a breakneck speed, the Crown Corporation managed to make the first steps. With the help of a tender several companies filed their applications, but by December it became clear that the province is not prepared for launch, confirmed by Finance Minister Joe Ceci.
Now this second attempt could bring actual results, especially in the light of recent revenue report issued by the AGLC, showing that video lottery terminals and slot machines witnessed their first revenue jump since 2015. They bagged a total of CA$1.736 billion over the span of the fiscal year, marking a significant CA$4-million jump in comparison to last fiscal year’s CA$1.732 billion. This shows that players are willing to explore more interactive gaming opportunities.