Quebec Lotto Millionaire Couple’s 4-Year-Old Reassures ‘It Will Be Okay’

Lottery winners have some of the most riveting stories around the day they found out about their giant cash prizes. They are sometimes inspiring or hilarious, but never fail to move people.
This could be confirmed by a couple hailing from Saint-David-de-Falardeau that recently bagged their CA$1-million jackpot and thankfully had their 4-year-old kid reassure them everything is going to be alright.
Canadians are fond of lottery offerings and the generous cash prizes they have up for grabs. More often than not, the story around them finding out they are the winners is even more exciting than the actual lottery jackpot.
Such is the case with the couple that recently became the latest lotto millionaires in Quebec. Pamela Fradette and Michael Lapointe are the two individual that recently bagged their CA$1-million cash prize and are already planning the various projects and activities they would fund with it.
Lottery Jackpots Galore
The couple has three children who are about to have their future much brighter as a result of the windfall. Mrs. Fradette was the one to find out about the win as soon as she saw the news issued by Loto-Quebec. She could not believe her eyes when she saw the matching numbers but luckily her 4-year-old son was there to reassure her everything would be alright.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

Mr. Lapointe stated that for the time being he is not planning to quit his job as a forestry worker, and he is going to remain busy. The two of them want to get married in the foreseeable future and guarantee a good education for their three boys.

Quebec Player Halves Lotto 6/49 CA$7M Jackpot, Lotto MAX Still Swelling

Speaking of Quebec, Banco was especially generous to two players hailing from Monteregie and Lanaudiere. The former recently bagged CA$25,000 just like the latter.
This month was a special one for British Columbia players too, as the Extra lottery game changed life for two Brazilian siblings. Christian Stanislawski and his sister Caroline recently received their CA$500,000 jackpot that they would have to share now.
More Jackpots across British Columbia
Mr. Stanislawski used the British Columbia Lottery Corporation mobile app to check their ticket, which is when he realized that it is in fact a winning one and their lives would never be the same again. The winning ticket has been purchased at Your Local Convenience Store and Internet Cafe in Vancouver prior to the regular draw.

CA$26M Lotto MAX Jackpot Flies to St. Thomas, More Cash Bagged in Quebec

It had all four needed numbers matching the ones drawn during the Lotto MAX Extra draw. The two of them have already made plans for the jackpot, including a trip to Asia, as well as a financial cushion that would support their family. Another great cash winning for a British Columbia player was the CA$675,000 Set for Life jackpot bagged by David Milligan.

Canadian Provinces Praise Fresh Lotto Millionaires Bagging Hefty Jackpots

The player hailing from Vancouver was surprised by the news he was the winner of a grand fortune, but he was also coolheaded enough to evaluate the two choices before him. One of them was to bag the cash as soon as possible, while the other was to have financial support for the rest of his life. Now he wants to purchase an investment property, as well as cover his debt, while also continuing working.

Casino Rama Staff Cuts Would Have Negative Repercussions across Orillia

Casino Rama Resort has been in the center of attention over the past few weeks because of unexpected staff reduction. Estimations have been made at the heels of the controversial situation and they show that these 70 unionized and even more non-unionized laid-off workers would have a considerable impact on the local field.
This Tuesday is about to see more conversation on the subject. Labor unions have the power to protect workers and fight for their right to have fair work conditions. This is an essential part of any industry, especially the gaming one.
Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator overseeing the gaming venue of the largest First Nation casino resort in Ontario. Casino Rama Resort has been known as a propelling force for the region of Orillia. Among the main reasons for this popularity have been the regular artists making their way there for a live performance.
Steady Jobs Lost
Such a diverse schedule makes the location a diverse one, able to attract both gaming enthusiasts and families with their kids. The casino venue used to be the main engine of this complex, reaching a daily performance of CA$1 million.

More Layoffs at Casino Rama, Gateway Casinos Refuses to Disclose Number

This meant that Gateway Casinos had the responsibility to maintain this stellar performance and even increase it down the road. The spending cuts that would facilitate the building of many new casino locations across Ontario hit hard the casino venue staff with ongoing staff reduction over the past months.

Gateway Casinos Stirs the Pot with Controversial Layoffs in Orillia, Innisfil

About a year ago, when the new management made its way in the number of individuals working at the casino venue reached 1,700. Gradually this number slumped to 1,200 prior to the latest cuts. Both full-time and part-time positions were affected by the reduction.

Unifor National Goes to War with Gateway Casinos Seeking Employees Protection

An undisclosed number of non-unionized casino staff members have also been laid off soon after that. Addressing the issue, Dean Beers, President of the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce, expressed his concerns. When it comes to Orillia, the impact of job cuts is projected to have noticeable repercussions.
Casino Rama Progressively Reduces Jobs
According to the official statement of the casino operator, a large portion of the individuals laid off utilized the voluntary exit incentive program. This means that some of the casino employees have chosen themselves to leave and receive monetary compensation for that. Regardless of this, the staff reduction would still be felt across the region. Mr. Beers stated that other local businesses seeking employees would be on the pursuit of new staff members.

Gateway Casinos Continue Portfolio Expansion With Rama Casino and OLG Slots Addition

Projections are that The Sharing Place Food Bank is about to see a surge of individuals making their way there on the regular. August 6 is about to see Unifor National have a frank conversation with the casino operator managing the location, seeking a better approach down the road and eliminating the need for bigger staff cuts in the future.

Casino Rama’s Future Operation Concerns Gateway Casinos Due to Many Parties Involved

Casino Rama unionized workers that are still employed fear that they might be the next to exit. Unifor National would also seek protection for them. August 8 is about to bring more action and take matters to the streets with an organized peaceful rally. In order to guarantee enough time for the protest, action is about to commence at 11 a.m. at Tudhope Park and continue all the way to 1 p.m.

Mississauga Lotto 6/49 Player CA$9M Richer, Richmond CA$60M Winner Still Hesitates

For the people closely following lottery jackpots and everything surrounding Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49, the past few weeks have been more than exciting. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently reported a ticket sold in Mississauga is now eligible for a Lotto 6/49 jackpot reaching CA$9 million.
In the meantime, the winner of Lotto MAX CA$60-million jackpot has yet to claim their fortune. Even though people make plans for various things, life often gets in the way of things and changes them beyond recognition.
Players purchase a lottery ticket for the upcoming regular draw, but something happens and the grand windfall fails to reach its rightful owner. It could be as simple as misplacing the ticket and forgetting about it, or fear of major change of one’s life. More often than not, it remains unknown and the unclaimed jackpot remains unclaimed past the 52-week expiry date.
Winners Take Their Time
It is still too early to determine whether this would be the case with the giant Lotto MAX jackpot that came with the July 26 draw. Once again, Lotto MAX proved its generosity and delivered a CA$60-million jackpot at the end of July.

Richmond Player Now Eligible for CA$60M Lotto MAX Windfall

All eyes were set on it, but as it turns out, the single winning ticket eligible for it has yet to change its purchaser’s life. Several days after the winning draw, the winner who had purchased it in Richmond has yet to contact British Columbia Lottery Corporation and discuss all the details around the jackpot ceremony that is in order.

Lotto 6/49 Winner Bag CA$9.1M while Many Eye Lotto MAX CA$60M

The winning numbers for that draw were 11, 15, 17, 20, 24, 25, 50, and bonus number 30, and all ticket purchasers are advised to check their pockets, purses, and homes.

Attention: You Might be London, Ont.’s Next Lotto 6/49 Millionaire

Another grand win could soon make its way to Ontario, this time thanks to the Lotto 6/49 most recent draw July 31 was a special day for one player eager to bring some changes to their life, as the weekly draw brought a CA$9-million jackpot prize. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was quick to check its player database.
Bigger and Beter Jackpots
The winning ticket for this week’s draw was sold in Mississauga prior to July 31 and whoever is in possession of the lucky piece of paper has 52 weeks to bag their prize. As for the fortunate numbers drawn, those were 02, 11, 19, 35, 39, 48, plus the bonus one 17.

Lotto 6/49 CA$7M Jackpot Winner ‘Screamed with Joy’ at Gatineau Pharmacy

The lottery corporation reminds that there is still time for the winner to get in touch with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The next Lotto 6/49 draw is going to take place on August 3 and come with an estimated jackpot of CA$5 million and projections of considerable action have been made.

Retiree Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Winner Bags CA$15,764,647.10, Ready to Invest

The July 31 draw was also generous for another player, this time hailing from Kamloops. The renowned Extra draw made it possible for a British Columbian to become eligible for a windfall of CA$500,000. This was possible with the matching of four numbers 1, 17, 74, and 79.

Treasure Cove Casino Makes Locals Millionaires this Summer

Jackpots would always be a hot topic due to their unexpected nature and the potential they have to change people’s lives. Treasure Cove Casino has been extra generous over the past few months, granting yet another jackpot to one of its casino patrons.
Prince George resident Brittany Hammell recently bagged her windfall reaching CA$1,060,703.14 and she is about to make great changes to her life. Both lottery and slot machine jackpots trigger the same response in people interested in winning them.
Many players remember exactly where they stood and what they were doing when learning that they are the winners of a grand jackpot. Those stories are also the most exciting to listen to, as they paint a picture and make the experience a truly vivid one. Prince George has seen several millionaires over the past months, Mrs. Hammell being the most recent one.
Powerbucks Jackpot Bagged by Local Player
Treasure Cove Casino was the location which offers casino patrons the chance to win a Powerbucks progressive jackpot on a regular basis. About a week ago, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced that yet another local has snatched the growing jackpot, this time while it was still closer to its minimum amount.

Lotto MAX Returns with a CA$40M Main Prize, Lotto 6/49 Keeps on Giving

Brittany Hammell became a millionaire after playing the Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway at the local premium casino location. August 20 was the special day at the beginning of which she was unaware of what is to come. While gaming she also did not know that her destiny is to become a millionaire.

We Know Who Won Lotto MAX CA$60M but Who Will Bag CA$26M in Ontario?

When the slot machine began chiming and it displayed the exact amount of the cash prize, Mrs. Hammell could not believe her eyes. She still finds it hard to believe that this is her life now. It could be recalled that mid-July Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin became eligible for the grand Powerbucks jackpot reaching CA$2.1 million at the time.

Lotto 6/49 Would Drop CA$9M Jackpot in Ontario, More Winners Expected

This was all possible thanks to a CA$3 spin turning them into multimillionaires. Mrs. Hammell is now planning to support her family and possibly purchase a house.
Lotto 6/49 Is Generous Too
Another British Columbia winner is now CA$500,000 richer as a result of a lottery ticket purchase earlier this month. August 14 was a special date for Suzanne Robson, as this is when her lucky Lotto 6/49 draw took place. The regular lottery draw made it possible for her to bag a generous prize thanks to the Extra draw. All she had to do was match the four numbers drawn.

Quebec Lotto Millionaire Couple’s 4-Year-Old Reassures It Will Be Okay

This made her eligible for a windfall of CA$500,000. As soon as she found out about it, she was ready to celebrate the win with her husband. The way she found out about the windfall was via a PlayNow notification. The couple hails from Whistler and the two of them are already planning their first purchases with the prize.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

An RV might be purchased in the near future and the two of them are thinking about retiring earlier. Lotto MAX returns this Tuesday with a CA$40-million jackpot ready to be snatched by a fortunate enough player who had purchased a ticket ahead of the draw. Lotto 6/49 would have its Wednesday draw featuring a CA$7-million Main prize.

Lotto 6/49 Would Drop CA$9M Jackpot in Ontario, More Winners Expected

This weekend was quite an eventful one for Canada’s most popular lottery offerings, as several players might get their lives changes in the upcoming weeks. Lotto 6/49’s most recent draw came with a jackpot reaching CA$9 million and a lucky winner is now eligible for it.
The single ticket sold in the Ontario region has exactly 52 weeks to claim the grand windfall before it expires. There are players that look forward to every single lottery draw, as it might be their lucky day. Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are among those offerings attracting the undivided attention of many players.
An Ontario enthusiast is now the newest lotto millionaire, as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed. We are talking about a single winning ticket, so the CA$9-million jackpot prize is not going to be divided by several winners.
CA$60M Lotto MAX Jackpot Still Unclaimed
Quebec player should also check their tickets, as there is one particular lottery enthusiast that is now CA$1-million richer. The guaranteed prizes coming with every draw give a second chance to those who failed to make it to the Main prize. August 21 is about to see a Lotto 6/49 draw featuring a jackpot reaching C$5 million.

Quebec Lotto Millionaire Couple’s 4-Year-Old Reassures ‘It Will Be Okay’

Meanwhile, nearly four weeks since Lotto MAX’s draw came with a CA$60-million jackpot, there has not been a single winner contacting the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. It is known that the individual having purchased a ticket hails from Richmond, but for the time being, they appear to be hesitant about bagging their fortune.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

July 26, 2020 is the deadline for receiving it. Once it expires, the player would no longer have the chance to obtain it, regardless of the reasons for the delay. This recent Lotto MAX draw also came with as many as 15 Maxmillions additional prizes amounting to CA$1 million. Five of those were claimed and players would soon make their way to their closest prize claim centers to bag their fortune.
Next Lotto MAX Draw Brings CA$25M
Another player hailing from Regina recently bagged one of the CA$1-million prizes guaranteed by a Lotto 6/49 draw that took place on August 7. Kurtis Dobbin is the lucky player that is now a millionaire and just like many other lotto winners, he could not believe his eyes when he saw that he is a winner.

Quebec Player Halves Lotto 6/49 CA$7M Jackpot, Lotto MAX Still Swelling

Mr. Dobbin used the Saskatchewan Lotteries official mobile app to scan the ticket. Ticket scanning via the app offered by provincial lotteries is among the safest and quickest ways to see whether or not a ticket is a winning one. It guarantees a quick scan that might be able to change a player’s life. Mr. Dobbin plans to cover some debt and support his family with a portion of the cash.

CA$26M Lotto MAX Jackpot Flies to St. Thomas, More Cash Bagged in Quebec

In addition to that, he would also like to travel overseas, as this has always been a dream of his. Lotto MAX will have its next draw on August 20 and the estimated jackpot it comes with amounts to CA$25 million. Rapidly growing as always, this Main prize makes the lottery offering even more appealing to players.

CA$26M Lotto MAX Jackpot Flies to St. Thomas, More Cash Bagged in Quebec

Lottery jackpots have been a topic of wide discussion over the past few weeks, as the popular lottery offerings consistently grant their Main prizes as soon as they ripen. Lotto MAX is among the most popular games guaranteeing its hefty jackpots, such as this week’s one.
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that a single winning ticket worth CA$26 million had been sold in St. Thomas ahead of August 6 regular Lotto MAX draw.
Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two lottery offerings eyed by everyone interested in lottery gaming, as they feature the highest caps and have two regular weekly draws. Their affordable ticket prices make them an appealing opportunity of winning big in a matter of minutes. Tuesday brought the latest draw with a jackpot reaching approximately CA$26 million and players were eager to find out whether there is a winner.
Lottery Jackpots Galore
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that there is in fact, a single winning ticket sold in St. Thomas. All local lottery enthusiasts that had purchased a ticket prior to Tuesday’s draw are considered potential winners.

Canadian Provinces Praise Fresh Lotto Millionaires Bagging Hefty Jackpots

The lottery corporation recommended that every lottery player checks their pockets for misplaced lottery tickets that could change their life. This week’s Lotto MAX draw was also generous for a single ticket sold in Sudbury that matched the number needed for the Encore draw.

Lotto 6/49, Lotto MAX Jackpots Survive, Players Grab Smaller Cash Prizes

This means that whoever is in possession of it could very soon receive their prize of CA$100,000. While the OLG awaits brand new winners, a group of nine individuals came forward to bag their prize of CA$250,000 from the April 20 Lotto 6/49 regular draw.

Mississauga Lotto 6/49 Player CA$9M Richer, Richmond CA$60M Winner Still Hesitates

The last days of April brought Lotto 6/49 draws including ten Guaranteed Prize Draws reaching CA$250,000 each. The single ticket purchased by a group of individuals bagged one of those. This is a common practice across Canada. Edward Lebar of Brampton led the group of nine to Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Prize Center in Toronto where they collected their prize.
Banco Also Grants Winnings
They purchased the lucky piece of paper at Petro Canada on Kennedy Road in Brampton and as a result of that, each of them would bag a slice reaching about CA$27,780. The major lottery offerings such as Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are not the only capable of changing people’s lives, as there are other games up for grabs. Banco is among them, proving it is more than ready to change more lives.

Richmond Player Now Eligible for CA$60M Lotto MAX Windfall

August 1 was a lucky day for one Banco enthusiast hailing from Matanie, Quebec. Benoit Rouleau became eligible for a windfall of CA$200,000 as a result of the lucky draw and he could not believe his eyes when he checked the ticket via the Loto-Quebec mobile app. Another Quebec resident also tasted the opportunities with some fresh lotto cash this week.

Lotto 6/49 Winner Bag CA$9.1M while Many Eye Lotto MAX CA$60M

Laval resident Jean-Luc Vallée participated in Lotto Poker action and purchased a ticket for the July 30 regular draw. As a result of this small investment, he recently had to make his way to Montreal to bag CA$39,941. Plans for the foreseeable future include spoiling his wife and children.

Gateway Casinos Gives a Sneak Peek of Diverse Gaming at Western Fair

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is ready to meet the expectations of its gaming patrons and give them a sneak peek of the bright future ahead. When it comes to London, Ontario, this could happen with gaming expansion at its Western Fair gaming hall.
As many as eight table games are about to be introduced to the popular gaming venue, a move that would diversify the local field and pave the way for the upcoming expansion. London is bracing for a brand new casino complex in the foreseeable future, but until its construction reaches its final phase, locals could get a taste of it.
Gateway Casinos is ready to step up its game and bring card games to the local casino scene. This week saw the official launch of table games operation at Western Fair’s gaming venue which has been praised by the community. General Managed Damien de Roux announced the new feature.
Eight Table Games Installed
He clarified that this is something many players have been asking for over the past few years, as it has the potential to make their time spent there even more exciting. It is also a projected magnet for more players hailing from neighboring communities.

London Community Had No Say on Casino as Councilors Fear Delays

At the moment, there are some 750 slot machines available on site which also offer hefty jackpots, but could leave something to be desired. As a result of the gaming expansion on site of the Western Fair gaming hall, 50 new workers have been employed, a positive boost for the local employment market.

London Councilors Vote on CA$75M Starlight Casino Project Tuesday

From here on out, local players would have the opportunity to enjoy card games to the likes of blackjack, baccarat, Mississippi flood, and high-card flush. Locals are about to get a taste of the true Las-Vegas style gaming that is projected to make its way there.

London City Hall Split on Casino, Neighboring Communities Ready to Enter Race

With the new staff additions, their overall number on site swells to 320 members and what they are all looking forward to is their relocation to the new casino complex on Wonderland road.
CA$75M Casino Complex Launches Soon
Starlight Casino London is projected to attract a local crowd, as well as people from neighboring communities, as it is located in the vicinity of Highway 401. The CA$75-million casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos is projected to relocate all gaming equipment and employees from Western Fair.

Gateway Casinos Envisions Bright London Future, Councilors Still Live in the Past

In addition to that, the new complex is about to welcome 700 more staff members ready to meet the high expectations of casino patrons and people interested in the more family-friendly offerings. When all is said and done, there would be 900 slot machines available on the premises of the casino floor, as well as 40 table games for the players ready to explore card games.

GatewayGIVES Supports London Community after Massive Explosion

It could be recalled that earlier this summer, local councilors stated that the casino expansion should remain focused on Western Fair. Ward 9 Coun. Anna Hopkins and Ward 11 Coun. Stephen Turner stated their position that a casino venue would be best positioned for success at Western Fair District and this is the right thing to do both for the local economy and local horse people. As it is known, the casino operator is no longer interested in pursuing a casino venue within Western Fair.

Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

Lottery games have a lot up for grabs, especially when it comes to their Main prizes and the stellar figures they could reach. An Edmonton player has something to say about grand lottery jackpots, as he recently bagged his CA$60-million Lotto MAX windfall.
Bon Truong is a 55-year-old resident of Edmonton that waited around ten months to claim his prize but finally did so before the expiry date. This Wednesday was a special one for him.
All winners have the opportunity to bag their lottery winnings within 52 weeks of the special draw that changed their lives. This gives them the time to evaluate their decision and everything that could happen once they receive the amount of cash they are eligible for.
This could change their relationships with some people or they could decide to retire earlier than projected. While winners are taking their time, gaming experts speculate whether or not they are ever going make the move.
Lottery Jackpot Matures for 10 Months
When it comes to this particular CA$60-million Lotto MAX jackpot, some 10 months after the winning draw last fall Alberta residents were already starting to lose hope they would see the fortunate lottery player. Mr. Truong decided to finally change his life following months of consideration and weighing all possible outcomes.

Lotto MAX CA$60M Jackpot Claimed at the Eleventh Hour, Enhanced Online Gaming by ALC

Such a coolheaded approach is rarely seen in lottery winners, as many of them were eager and impatient to receive their prize. Meanwhile, Mr. Truong waited some 305 days to contact the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Office and make it known that he is the winner they have been searching for. He pointed out that he found out about the grand win a day after October 26.

Lotto MAX Returns with a CA$40M Main Prize, Lotto 6/49 Keeps on Giving

Instead of cashing it as soon as possible, he decided to wait a while and think about it. Putting the ticket in a safe was the first step, followed by 10 months of weighing all pros and cons of such a windfall. Mr. Truong’s wife also knew about the lottery jackpot and he supported his decision.
Mortgage Payment and Holiday in Plans
The Vietnamese winner has three children but for the time being, he does not plan on telling them about the entirety of the prize, as he wants to instill a sense of responsibility and a hardworking ethic. Reminiscing on his past and on his first days in America after the Vietnamese war, he said that this is what taught him how to persevere and build a life for himself.

We Know Who Won Lotto MAX CA$60M but Who Will Bag CA$26M in Ontario?

Mr. Truong made his way to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis office in St. Albert yesterday to share more details around his winning purchase. He bought the Lotto MAX ticket ahead of October 26 at Pure Casino Yellowhead and in order to make it a special one, he used his trusty number combination. For the longest time, he used numbers with special significance to him and his family.

Lotto 6/49 Would Drop CA$9M Jackpot in Ontario, More Winners Expected

At last, they did the trick making Mr. Truong eligible for a cash payout of CA$60,000,002. Upon bagging the prize, he stated that the first thing he would do is cover his mortgage and start planning a holiday for the entire family. His job as a landscaper makes him happy and he pointed out that he would not retire, at least for now.

British Columbia Buses Play Central Role in Lottery Winners Latest Stories

Lotto MAX winners across Canada celebrate their windfalls in various ways but all of them start at the same spot – at the prize claim center. This was the starting point for several brand new lottery winners that bagged their prizes recently.
Lottery wins are among the most exciting events in a person’s life, as they are never expected and people are often dumbfounded by the happy event. August 27 was a special day for Mr. Curle hailing from Mississauga, as this is when the winning draw took place.
The added bonus of Lotto MAX called Encore is there for a reason and many players make the best of it, by adding it to the overall gaming experience.
Jackpot Winners Galore
This was a game-changer for Mr. Curle, as he became eligible for a solid CA$1-million windfall and it is a significant one, even though it adds CA$1 to the overall ticket price. British Columbia was another lucky province, as it recently congratulated several new lottery winners for their good fortune. Arlana Morse and James McLauchlan both hail from Surrey and they spend a lot of time together.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

This is because of their job, as both of them are bus drivers helping people make their way around the city in the most efficient and affordable way, but also because they are a couple. The two of them celebrated their recent cash prize amounting to CA$1 million. It is a guaranteed prize coming with the regular Lotto 6/49 draw, proving that matching all numbers of the Main prize is not mandatory for a cash windfall at the end of the day.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

The Lower Mainland bus drivers succeeded in matching the 10 numbers needed for the Guaranteed Prize draw on August 24, essentially making each of them eligible for a bagful of CA$500,000. They took their time to come to terms with the prize, evaluating all options ahead of them.
Lotto MAX, 6/49 Offer More
For the time being, the two of them have decided that early retirement would fit well in their plans, as it would also make it possible for them to travel more. Their kids are also about to benefit from the windfall and have good education down the road.

Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity with ENCORE Draw Making Lotto Fans Filthy Rich

Buses played a significant role in the next British Columbia winner’s story, as he learned the good news en route. Adrien Malebranche is well-acquainted with the Vancouver traffic, so he made sure to have the winning BC/49 numbers printed ahead of the ride, as he wanted to check them. He did so at the Express News Tobacconist, where he had purchased the winning ticket earlier.

Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

Mr. Malebranche said that he has always used the very same numbers, as he considered them lucky enough for a grand windfall. His CA$2-million prize is going to fund his dreamed condominium purchase. In addition to that, the winner also wants to make a trip to Florida and reunite with his family. Meanwhile, a Lotto MAX CA$50-million jackpot remains unclaimed over the past couple of weeks.