North Bay Votes 8-3 in Favor of Cascades Casino Construction, Residents Outraged

North Bay said Yes to the proposed casino venue operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment following an extensive meeting at the City Hall this Wednesday. The highly-anticipated congregation held a special vote striving to decide whether or not a gaming venue should be constructed in the region of the city, and the idea received a nod after an 8-3 vote in favor.
The City Council was preparing for this meeting since it had the main objective to shed more light on the gambling future of the region. Officials also had to make sure that once it receives their approval, the casino venue will have all additional arrangements clarified and set in stone, as its future operation depends on them. About two hours were necessary for the public presentations in the City Hall to take place, providing enough time for everyone to learn more about the upcoming Cascades Casino.
Heated City Hall Meeting Holds Vote
A vacant land lot in the vicinity of Pinewood Park Drive is projected to welcome the new casino venue, but one of the avid opposers of the project, City Councilor Mark King was among the first ones to make an attempt to slow down the process of voting. He stated that there are now too many recently joined councilors and they need more time to catch up with the situation and take it all in.
The magnitude of this gambling expansion on a city level is quite a lot to comprehend, which is why he claimed that the individuals need more time before they cast their vote. Mr. King pointed out that the casino developer and operator Gateway Casinos is constantly touting the 200 new job positions provided by the new gaming venue, but there is more to it. At the moment there are about 400 vacant jobs across the city and nobody interested in applying for them.
Neighboring communities could also benefit. When it comes to the voting this Wednesday, it transformed the City Hall into a heated arena of supporters and opposers of the gaming venue construction. It divided the crowd present on site, as official were prevalently in support of the casino venue. As many as eight of them voted with a yes, whereas only three expressed their discontent with the proposed casino development.
Supporters and Opposers Clash
In the meantime, members of the community present as an audience to the vote were vocal about their opposition. A resident of North Bay even went so far as to claim that the officials have failed to do their job and represent the public position on the subject. The entire meeting bore the spirit of discontentment, as about 20 presentations were held in front of the audience.
All of them raised awareness about the negative impact of a casino venue construction near a city such as North Bay. Among the main concerns for the community is, of course, the impact on the community which will be subjected to the negative effect of a gambling facility. Some of the individuals presenting claimed more time for consideration is necessary and the vote should be postponed.
Once it was time for the vote to take place, only Coun. King, Marcus Tignanelli and Scott Robertson maintained their position against a casino venue construction. The latter two participants in the meeting were new to the subject and decided it will be best if they remain an opposition. Gateway Casinos was not present at the meeting in order to present more details about the future casino venue. Nevertheless, City officials felt confident enough to make the decision, as they have the information needed from previous discussions.

Gold Horse Casino Approaches Final Stages, Could Welcome First Casino Patrons this Winter

Lloydminster, Alberta is well on its way to welcome a brand new casino facility which is projected to elevate the casino field in the region and attract a significant crowd with its gambling offerings available on site. It has been recently confirmed that construction work on site is going according to plan and the new venue is going to be able to welcome its first casino patrons in the foreseeable future.
Gold Horse Casino has been among the widely discussed topics across the province as it is set to bring a breath of fresh air to the casino field of the region. Its management is going to be overseen by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, making it a tribal casino complex. It could be recalled that November 2017 saw the long-anticipated green light given to the proposed project which aims to upgrade the gaming field of Alberta.
Border Casino Set to Attract Players of Botch Provinces
This project amounts to some CA$20 million, striving to bring only the best to the local community and be able to attract casino enthusiast from near and far. According to the previously issued details around the casino venue, it is going to meet the high expectations of players with its 250 slot devices available on site in addition to eight gaming tables. These specifications define it as a relatively small casino venue, but this does not mean it is making any compromises with the quality.
The facility is spanning over 30,000 square feet, situated at Highway 16 and 40th Avenue. This is making it a location with a lot of potential, as it will provide the venue with a constant flow of individuals and future casino patrons. It also means that players from neighboring Saskatchewan will also find it appealing, due to its proximity to the border between the two provinces. This October brought the news that the construction work on site was at its final stages at this point.
Back then the finishing touches to the exterior of the venue were being put, but work on the interior continued with full throttle. Recently it was announced that the bar area on site, the main hall, as well as the zones providing various food offerings, were nearing completion. In addition to that, the kitchen and dining venue of the location were also at their final stages of construction.
Details about the Casino Project
All this points to the casino venue welcoming its first guests in the upcoming weeks, possibly before the spring of 2019. The project itself is the result of a prolonged partnership between 12 of the First Nations working in unison. The land on which the casino project is going to rise belongs to Little Pine First Nation, but the property itself will be overseen by Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. Roger Anderson has already been appointed to the position of General Manager of the new casino venue.
Up until now, he has been overseeing Gold Eagle Casino in Saskatchewan as its Senior Operations Manager. Future Gold Horse Casino has already commenced recruiting individuals willing to join the workforce and be employed at the new premium location. The job interviews commenced this May. The month of October saw the most recent interviews which saw more than 500 individuals making their way to the congregation.
The closest casino venue currently in operation within the borders of Alberta is Casino Dene which is situated in Cold Lake, about a two-hour drive from Lloydminster. Due to the distance between the two venues, there are no concerns about field cannibalization for the time being. First Nations will benefit immensely from the gambling venue operation in the foreseeable future.

Ex-Training Center Director for Labor Union Claims Compulsive Gambling Led to Alleged Burning Through CA$160,000 of Union Money

This Thursday was a highly anticipated one for the province of Manitoba, as the local court saw yet another gambling addiction case hearing. Heather Grant-Jury used to be the Principal Secretary to former Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger for several months but prior to this, she conducted a fraud allegedly worth about CA$160,000 allegedly caused by the compulsive gambling habits spiraling out of control.
Gambling addiction is not something to be overlooked, as more and more people fail to keep it at bay at all times. It is a compulsive tendency which could be triggered in times of need, or in situations where the individual find themselves vulnerable. The devastating impact it has on the player’s life, as well as the direct effect it has on their close ones, has been witnessed time and time again. Such has been the case of Ms. Grant-Jury who was involved in an extensive fraudulent activity case.
Director Used Union Cash for Personal Expenses
December 13 was eyed by many interested in the development of the case and the former Principal Secretary was present as well. She is threatened by being put in jail for the criminal activity which was in progress between May 2011 and December 2015. She was Director of the Training Center for the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832. She was temporarily Selinger’s Principal Secretary between the end of 2014 and a couple of months into 2015.
It could be recalled that according to the discoveries made towards the end of 2016, the top aide used a credit card of the union in order to cover her personal expenses on a day to day basis. Crown attorneys Donald Melnyk and Peter Edgett claimed yesterday that she spent as much as CA$160,000, whereas lawyer Zilla Jones responded that the amount actually ranges around CA$60,000.
Many inconsistencies emerged in the expense claims of the union and the more investigation progressed, the more prominent they became. Shortly after the discovery was publicly revealed and the then-premier Selinger was notified, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832 announced it is going to seek compensation for the entire amount of Canadian dollars spent for Ms. Grant-Jury’s own benefit, instead of for the improvement of the union education projects.
Friday Set to See Ms. Grant-Jury Testify
The fraudulent scheme happened purposefully, as it was later revealed, as the top aide went as far as hiding her traces. She was masking said expenses as business payments and inventing lies in order to maintain her version. Payments at Safeway Supermarkets across the province were among the most frequent ones on the list of personal transactions. The year 2015 also saw payments at beauty supply stores, bookshops, as well as miscellaneous purchases such as lottery tickets.
Beatrice Bruske, the union’s secretary-treasurer was among the individuals who spoke this Thursday at the hearing and expressed the overall attitude towards the fraudulent activities. She stated that the leading position of Ms. Grant-Jury gave her the freedom to make her own decisions. As much as CA$10,000 has already been paid by the former Director of the Training Center who eventually admitted that problem gambling has triggered the fraudulent activity in the first place.
This Friday is set to see Ms. Grant-Jury testify. Gambling addiction among individuals at leading positions has been a vastly discussed topic in the past weeks, as former Liberal MP Rajvinder Grewal recently revealed his struggles with problem gambling and the devastating impact it has had on his financial state. He filed his resignation from the Liberal caucus only, stating that next year will see his final decision on the subject.

Gateway Casinos Signs Lease Deal for Wonderland Road Development in London, Scraps Previous Plans

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment might have changed its mind when it comes to the exact location of its planned casino venue in London. Previously touted project for a gaming complex at the Western Fair grounds of the city have apparently been scrapped for a more favorable location – near Wonderland Road which has the potential to be more economically beneficial for the development of the new location.
Over the past several months the casino developer and operator has been weighing its options and evaluating the pros and cons of potential development in the Western Fair area of London. However, over the span of the negotiations, it became clear that they are going to expand and take way longer than initially projected. This prompted the casino operator to look around for other possible land lots where the CA$140-million casino project could thrive.
Long-Winded Negotiations Prompt a Change of Plans
Lease documents necessary for the arrangement have already been signed with the current owner of the land lot – the concrete company N-J Spivak. At the moment there is also a part of the location which hosts used cars. Sasa Glavas is the currently renting the location with its 519 cars and he has already agreed to the relocation, as the decision was anticipated for some time.
The relocation decision came as a result of more than a year and a half spent in negotiations and attempting to work the whole thing out between the City Hall and Gateway Casinos. Following the period of discussions, London officials even recently decided to rezone the Western Fair where the casino project was originally planned to be built. This move strove to facilitate the entire process and boost the project forward.
According to the most recent confirmation coming from Rob Mitchell, Spokesperson for Gateway Casinos, this will be the final location for the future casino resort. All pros and cons have been evaluated and the property will be able to welcome a gaming venue with as many as 1.200 slot devices and 46 table games. In addition to that, there will also be more family-friendly offerings on site, bringing the area a brand new hotel tower able to welcome people from near and far.
Rezoning Projected to Happen Soon
In the meantime, the announcement also reached Western Fair District and President Hugh Mitchell stated that this decision is going to have an impact on the future operation on site. Since for many months now the location has been preparing for a casino venue, this will inevitably render a significant empty space in future operation on site.
With the help of this move, Gateway Casinos is hoping to draw potential casino patrons and customers as they are interested in the area of Southdale and Exeter roads. This is a busy region thanks to the existing White Oaks Mall, but people are also willing to make it to the nearby Wonderland Road featuring other retail offerings. As it has been confirmed, the location is going to provide as many as 700 jobs to both residents of the community and people from nearby cities.
The new location will also have to be rezoned, as a casino venue operation mandates it. This is going to prompt the public opinion as well, as this directly affects the community and its well-being. What is certain at this point, is that a gaming facility operation is going to boos the city coffers, as a portion of the gaming revenue will be allocated to the City Hall.

Ontario Thoroughbred Sector to See CA$22-Million until 2022 after Renewed Woodbine-Horsemen’s Association Agreement

Woodbine Racetrack is among the preferred locations for thoroughbred horse racing in the Ontario region, which supports the horse racing industry and betting on it. Recently the racecourse announced it has agreed in principle to an arrangement with Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario which is going to shape the following four years of operation on site and introduce some CA$22 million poured into the guaranteed purses and investment into the future development of the field.
Betting on horse races is one of the preferred pastimes for many Canadians and the leading racecourse provides them with the chance to do so at the Woodbine Racetrack on a day to day basis. However, Thoroughbred racing is in need of a boost and this is about to happen in the foreseeable future thanks to a new agreement signed between the leading association of the province and the horse racing and betting location.
Fuel for the Thoroughbred Sector
As a result of the new agreement, the sector is projected to see larger investment and subsequent improvement. Out of the overall amount of sum, some CA$18 million is going to be invested in total guaranteed purses which would eventually bring more to the location. Furthermore, Woodbine Entertainment has agreed to provide continuous support of the field, as according to the agreement every year of the four-year arrangement will see a CA$1-million boost.
This annual improvement is set to bring more offerings to the field and improve its current state with the main objective to better the experience for all parties involved and ultimately provide better conditions for the province horsemen. This announcement comes at a crucial time for the Thoroughbred racing field, as it has the potential to bring more both to the field and the people interested in betting on horse races.
Jim Lawson, President and CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, expressed his opinion on the recently announced partnership and he stated that the weeks prior to the end of 2018 are a crucial time, as they determine the line of development for the following year and in the years leading to 2022. Speaking of next year’s racing schedule and the premium events it is projected to feature, April 20, 2019, is set to see the start of the new season.
133 Racing Dates in 2019
The agreement in principle outlines the general direction of development over the four-year period of time. Sue Leslie, President of the HBPA of Ontario, expressed contentment with the newly announced arrangement, as it solidifies the relationship between Woodbine and the Horsemen’s Association. Protecting the horse field is vital for its future development.
What should be pointed out is that the annual investment of CA$1 million will essentially mean that the horse racecourse will spend the most on total guaranteed purses out of all horse racecourses in North America. The 2019 season is projected to feature some 133 dates where live Thoroughbred races will take place, providing betting options all the way to December 15.
March 2019 was set to see the last days of the partnership agreement between the two entities. Players have the chance to bet on the classic Win bet type, picking the winning horse, or the finishing position at the end of a race. There also more diverse wagers available, including bets on more than one race, usually consecutive ones. With casino offerings also available at the adjacent Casino Woodbine, the location is set to become even more popular.

Cheerful Crowd Celebrates Refreshed Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs

Shorelines Slots located at Kawartha Downs re-launched operation this Wednesday after as many as nine weeks of shut down and this was the highlight not only of the week but also of the month for both casino patrons and workers employed there. The previously announced opening of the casino venue happened at noon on December 19 and there was a cheerful crowd awaiting the said hour with eager.
Following an extensive period of hiatus for the gaming venue, the news about its renewed working schedule and subsequent launch of operation came at the beginning of this week. The community appeared to be more than content with the news of more gaming available in the region, whereas permanent employees at the facility were more than grateful to make their way back to their job place for the holiday season.
Casino Venue Relaunches Operation
Wednesday saw an impressive crowd of people willing to be among the first to see the renovated casino location. The Fraserville community was buzzing with excitement as gaming operation means permanent employment for people part of the workforce at Kawartha Downs. It also means that the location will once again be able to attract casino patrons from near and far willing to try their luck.
Present on site for the re-launch of operation were Kawartha Downs and Speedway general manager Orazio Valente and general manager Bryan Buchanan of Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs. They welcomed everyone interested in seeing first-hand everything different at the casino facility. Just as it was projected, the renovation was able to redraw the attention of people interested in Shorelines Slots and what it has up for grabs.
A shiny ribbon was cut on the official launch of operation and casino patrons were welcomed back after the nine-week hiatus. This renovation brought on site as many as 150 brand-new slot machines that have yet to be tried out. Flashing lights and loud sounds, as well as cheerful music quickly filled the space of the casino venue and people were quick to see what the buzz is all about.
What Caused the Delay?
It could be recalled that October 1 was the day on which the casino venue closed for operation, soon after Shorelines Casino Peterborough launched operation. Initially, the hiatus was meant to last only two weeks, giving the management enough time to subject the venue to an extensive cleaning, repainting, and change of the interior.
What prompted the extension of the break was putting the finishing touches to the agreement between Kawartha Downs and the Ontario government. Following several changes, the agreement was inked but back then neither of the parties had the permission to reveal more about it. A non-disclosure agreement was preventing them, however, from revealing more details about the changes.
Thanks to this agreement casino workers also were granted permission to remain employed at this venue and return to their workplace this Wednesday. More excitement for players brought the news that next year is going to see as many as 21 live races at the harness race track, marking an improvement from 18 race dates this year.

Shorelines Casino at Kawartha Downs Returns to Operation after a 9-Week Hiatus

One of the long-anticipated reopenings is set to take place this Wednesday, as the gaming location adjacent to Кawartha Downs, Shorelines Casino is going to welcome its first casino patrons since it closed for business in October. Workers at the casino venue were left in the unknown following the two-week pause in their work schedule which was eventually extended to mid-December.
Gone are the days of uncertainty, as one of the most popular places for gaming in Ontario, is going to relaunch operation following a several-week pause. This announcement came from Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Laurie Scott, the Minister of Labour. It could be recalled that the location shut down operation once Shorelines Peterborough Casino launched operation mid-October.
Details around the Closure
This Monday brought good news for Fraserville and especially for locals employed by the casino venue on site of Kawartha Downs, as operation is projected to relaunch in the foreseeable future. Renovation work on site has been finished and the venue is fully ready to welcome new guests. The limbo over the past several weeks has now come to an end and workers appear to be content with the situation and the outcome.

I am pleased to announce that the Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs will be re-opening to the public this Wednesday December 19th. Please see my full statement here:
— Laurie Scott (@LaurieScottPC) December 17, 2018

In her statement, Ms. Scott made it clear that the location is going to reopen thanks to the dedicated work of Ontario Gaming East LP, operator of the gaming venue. Workers were ecstatic they will have the chance to go to work once again and just in time for the holiday season. This was one of the main concerns for more than a hundred people currently employed at the casino venue. Service Employees International Union Local 2 is the union which represents their best interest and seeks to protect their steady income.
With the relocation of a portion of the slot machines to the newly-launched Shorelines Peterborough casino venue, workers expressed their concerns that there will be staff cats. Back at the beginning of October part of the gaming devices on site were transferred to the new casino locations, whereas projections were that the remaining slot devices would be relocated to Toronto. Later on, it was confirmed that there is no obligation for the casino venue to do so which in turn prevented strike action from happening.
Shorelines Casino Peterborough Brings Changes
In order to alleviate the situation, Great Canadian Gaming Corp. overseeing operation of the new casino venue offered work positions of as many as 130 individuals currently employed at Shorelines Slot. The proposal meant that interested individuals could file in their application for a corresponding position at the new venue.
The casino venue located in the vicinity of the Kawartha Downs which has on offer a wide array of live events to the likes of harness racing and a track for auto racing is able to provide the area with its games of chance. The casino venue further diversifies the offerings on site, but ever since October 15, it has been closed for business. Initially, the plan for action implied that workers would cease working for only two weeks, but as it later turned out, this period was extended.
At the moment there are some 30 individuals taking care of the food and beverage offerings on site, whereas another 70 workers oversee slot devices. Previously announced plans for Kawartha Downs sale for CA$20 million remains on the table.

Evolution Gaming Brings Live Casino to a Broader Field thanks to Loto-Quebec

In order to elevate its offerings and step up its game, Loto-Quebec is going to partner with Evolution Gaming, as it was revealed this Monday. The new collaboration will aim to introduce Live Casino on the official website of the Canadian lottery. This is going to kickstart the year with a fresh new live offering online which will aim to attract new players thanks to its diverse nature.
January has already become special for casino enthusiast across the province of Quebec, as the latest announcement made it clear the new offering will be available in the upcoming weeks ahead of February. Evolution Gaming will make sure all players have their expectations met with the help of the new and already booming Live Casino location in Vancouver.
Live Casino Available in Two Languages
The year 2018 was indeed a special one in the gaming company’s history, as it saw the launch of the brand Canadian Studio in New Westminster, Vancouver giving the year a fresh start. Up until this moment the company had overseen operation in many Live Casino locations across Europe to the likes of Amsterdam, Aalst, Campione D’Italia, and Murcia, so reaching a brand new continent was quite the accomplishment.
The Live Casino studio spans over 15,000 square feet, providing enough space for all gaming offerings. Evolution Gaming made up its mind to offer its premium Live Casino to many of the local lotteries, starting with British Columbia Lottery Corporation. This meant that the sole regulated Live Casino provider within the borders of the country now has a hold on British Columbia and Manitoba.
Further expanding its influence over the gaming field, now it is going to set foot in Quebec, bringing live action to local players. Since this is one of the biggest gaming markets on a national level, it is considered to be a substantial step in the right direction, towards covering as many players as possible. The next big step could be Ontario, which is an even bigger and more populous field.
First Vancouver, then New Jersey
Thanks to the partnership between the two gaming entities, will be able to provide its players with some brand-new and riveting offerings. The risk is always present when it comes to gambling, but both providers make sure to have players’ rights protected at all times and ensure they have a pleasant experience while Live gaming. Most of the casino dealers will speak French, as this is the predominant audience which will enjoy the gaming offerings.
As many as six tables will launch operation by the end of this month, five of which will provide for the French-speaking players. Accessibility is key in this day and age, which is why the Live offerings will be available across a wide array of platforms. For people preferring the traditional setup, the desktop version will be available, whereas people always on the go will have the chance to experience the tablet and smartphone version.
The company is willing to provide all-encompassing gaming which will be convenient for the players. With this second Canadian lottery deal, Evolution Gaming reaches deeper into Canada’s gaming field. It could be recalled that August 2018 saw the launch of a live studio in New Jersey, providing companies to the likes of 888casino, Resorts Casino Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, operated by Rush Street Interactiv,e and Ocean Resort Casino Atlantic City with its offerings.

Gateway Casinos Braces for Ontario’s Central Gaming Bundle Makeover in 2019

Gateway Casinos is well-known as one of the leading casino developers and operators across Canada and this notion has been confirmed over the span of the past twelve months. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation chose Gateway Casinos for the new management of casino venues part of the so-called Central Gaming Bundle.
It could be recalled that the leading lottery force for the province of Ontario decided it would be best for the industry if it introduced a breath of fresh air to it. This diversifying is possible through the entering of a new player in a given field, and this is exactly what happened this summer. Continuing previously designated plan for action, including Gateway Casinos’ awarding of North and Southwest Gaming Bundles, the casino developer received management of a new batch of casino venues. The deal amounted to some CA$89.3 million.
Casino Developer Adds Three Gamign Venues to Portfolio
The aforementioned Central Gaming Bundle comprises of the venue previously known as OLG Slots located at Georgian Downs, Casino Rama Resort, as well as the permit for future gambling operation in Wasaga Beach. The latter one awaits the official decision of regional regulators. The first location situated at Georgian Downs in Innisfil is a preferred location thanks to its 950 slot machines available on site, in addition to electronic table games.
Over the span of the past several months, the location saw significant improvements and renovations going on. The first phase of it was the introduction of as many as 26 new table games, providing more people with the chance to give their luck a try. This, in turn, will provide as many as 100 new work positions on site. In addition to that, the casino venue also saw the installation of a brand-new sign right above the main entrance, which reflected the rebranding to Gateway Casinos Innisfil.
Casino Rama Resort is the second location part of the recently-acquired bundle. The gaming hotspot situated on Chippewas of Rama First Nation’s Lands near Orillia implements a rather complicated subleasing arrangement. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation sub-subleases the gambling property to Gateway Casinos, which could result in a sluggish process of decision making when the need for changes arises.
Casino Operation Set to See Renovations
Recently it became known that casino workers at the location are preparing for a potential strike towards the end of January if currently ongoing negotiations fail to reach their expectations. Some 1,500 individuals members of the Unifor Local 1090 seek better work conditions, wages, and benefit packages, in addition to their future pension perspectives. A total of three meetings striving to negotiate the best working conditions for everyone involved are about to take place over this week.
The third and last gaming aspect of this bundle is the future casino venue in Wasaga Beach which is going to provide the area with some 400 permanent work positions. The casino venue which received a green light in October is going to feature some 300 slot devices, as well as 120 gaming seats, providing individuals from near and far with its premium offerings. Brian Smith, mayor of Wasaga Beach, was the first to confirm the project will move ahead in the area.

I am very happy to announce that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd. has chosen our great town for the location of the newest Casino. This is great news for Wasaga Beach. It will bring hundreds of well paying jobs & millions of dollars in revenue. Onward and upward Wasaga.
— Mayor Brian Smith (@mayorbriansmith) October 11, 2018

According to previous information, there are five possible locations for the gambling venue in Wasaga Beach that are being considered. Next year is set to bring lots of development for the casino venues of the Central Gaming Bundle and the field is more than ready for it.

Richmond Commuter Calls for Re-Opening of River Rock Casino’s Formerly Free Parking Lot

A community member is trying to make the River Rock Casino bring back a parking lot which was previously both operational and free to use.
Until recently, Catherine Miller had been using the free parking lot of the River Rock Casino, leaving her car there before she got to the metro line to get to her workplace in Vancouver. The woman travels from Richmond on a daily basis and had been parking her vehicle in a vacant lot under Bridgeport Canada Line station for half a decade until she found it closed about two months ago.
Ms. Miller claims that the closure of the free parking lot is causing a lot of parking troubles for many members of the community, including herself. Since the lot was closed off at the end of August, people have been forced to leave their vehicles at the crowded south parkade of the casino venue, which costs them CA$2.50 daily. Since this parking lot has been overcrowded with cars, Ms. Miller and other commuters had to spend a lot of time circling around not only the parkade but also the surrounding streets and try to find another parking option.
As reported by the Richmond News, Catherine Miller explained that all spots in the parkade are taken by 8:30 AM every morning, with these spots being blocked for the day, as they are used mostly by commuters like herself. She further noted that it was very hard for people to find another parking option in the area because there usually are certain parking limits, not to mention that the casino also has some spaces which were specially reserved for its visitors.
Former Casino’s Free Parkade to Undergo an Upgrade
Ms. Miller protested against the closure of the previously free parking lot. In fact, she said she was ready to pay for a parking spot, as it would save her some inconveniences.
The commuter has contacted the casino and has been told that the venue is trying to work out a solution to the problem with competent Richmond authorities.
The media relations’ director of the Great Canadian Gaming, which owns the casino venue, Sonja Mandic, explained to the Richmond News that the formerly free parking lot to the south-east of Bridgeport station had to stop operation because some people started using it as “a dumping ground”. Ms. Mandic further said that the company has joined forces with the city’s authorities to make sure that the vacant area undergoes the upgrades needed in order to guarantee that it was safe to use by all people who would like to park their vehicles in the area.
She also reminded that the public could take advantage of the 24-hour South Parkade in return to CA$2.50 a day until the upgrade project is finalized or at least a temporary parking solution is offered in the near future.