Gateway Casinos Gives a Sneak Peek of Diverse Gaming at Western Fair

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is ready to meet the expectations of its gaming patrons and give them a sneak peek of the bright future ahead. When it comes to London, Ontario, this could happen with gaming expansion at its Western Fair gaming hall.
As many as eight table games are about to be introduced to the popular gaming venue, a move that would diversify the local field and pave the way for the upcoming expansion. London is bracing for a brand new casino complex in the foreseeable future, but until its construction reaches its final phase, locals could get a taste of it.
Gateway Casinos is ready to step up its game and bring card games to the local casino scene. This week saw the official launch of table games operation at Western Fair’s gaming venue which has been praised by the community. General Managed Damien de Roux announced the new feature.
Eight Table Games Installed
He clarified that this is something many players have been asking for over the past few years, as it has the potential to make their time spent there even more exciting. It is also a projected magnet for more players hailing from neighboring communities.

London Community Had No Say on Casino as Councilors Fear Delays

At the moment, there are some 750 slot machines available on site which also offer hefty jackpots, but could leave something to be desired. As a result of the gaming expansion on site of the Western Fair gaming hall, 50 new workers have been employed, a positive boost for the local employment market.

London Councilors Vote on CA$75M Starlight Casino Project Tuesday

From here on out, local players would have the opportunity to enjoy card games to the likes of blackjack, baccarat, Mississippi flood, and high-card flush. Locals are about to get a taste of the true Las-Vegas style gaming that is projected to make its way there.

London City Hall Split on Casino, Neighboring Communities Ready to Enter Race

With the new staff additions, their overall number on site swells to 320 members and what they are all looking forward to is their relocation to the new casino complex on Wonderland road.
CA$75M Casino Complex Launches Soon
Starlight Casino London is projected to attract a local crowd, as well as people from neighboring communities, as it is located in the vicinity of Highway 401. The CA$75-million casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos is projected to relocate all gaming equipment and employees from Western Fair.

Gateway Casinos Envisions Bright London Future, Councilors Still Live in the Past

In addition to that, the new complex is about to welcome 700 more staff members ready to meet the high expectations of casino patrons and people interested in the more family-friendly offerings. When all is said and done, there would be 900 slot machines available on the premises of the casino floor, as well as 40 table games for the players ready to explore card games.

GatewayGIVES Supports London Community after Massive Explosion

It could be recalled that earlier this summer, local councilors stated that the casino expansion should remain focused on Western Fair. Ward 9 Coun. Anna Hopkins and Ward 11 Coun. Stephen Turner stated their position that a casino venue would be best positioned for success at Western Fair District and this is the right thing to do both for the local economy and local horse people. As it is known, the casino operator is no longer interested in pursuing a casino venue within Western Fair.

Kawartha Downs Marks 47 Years of Operation with Lavish Party, Racing, Gaming

Kawartha Downs is among the preferred locations in Peterborough for a wide variety of reasons. This month is special for the location, as it brings its 47th year of operation and celebrations are in order.
Fraserville is about to see grand birthday party this Saturday, July 13, and everyone is invited to share the joy of the birthday party. In light of recent events, this birthday is eyed as a great milestone.
Last fall was a rather tough one for Kawartha Downs, as the gaming location diversifying its operation had to experience a hiatus. Staff members relying on their paychecks were concerned about lack of wagers ahead of the winter months.
This uncertainty was further fueled by the extended renovation that made it necessary in the first place. Shorelines Casino went through a complete makeover lasting nine weeks, only to relaunch operation in December.
Horse Racing and Gaming Galore
This Saturday is projected to bring the official celebration of the 47th birthday of Kawartha Downs and everything it represents to the community. For nearly half a century this racetrack has welcomed individuals enthusiastic about horse racing and betting on the exciting live events.

Cheerful Crowd Celebrates Refreshed Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs

The birthday is scheduled to bring a DJ heating up the area with electrifying sets. The weekend celebration is also projected to bring various games entertaining everyone on site. They would also feature various prizes, further motivating participation and attendance.

Shorelines Casino at Kawartha Downs Returns to Operation after a 9-Week Hiatus

Locals are already eager to see who is about to become the winner in those games and what the prizes would look like. In addition to that, there is going to be cake for everyone, because a birthday could not go without a celebratory cake.

Workers Union Urges Ontario Premier to Keep Promise Regarding Kawartha Downs’ Slot Machines

In order to make the experience even fuller and add some zest to it, Kawartha Downs would also feature the traditional live races that transform every Saturday of the summer season. Locals and people from neighboring communities making their way there will have the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest.
Celebrations after a Period of Uncertainty
The 2019 live racing season marked a step in the right direction. At the end of 2018 it was announced that it is scheduled to feature 21 live races at the harness racetrack, marking an improvement from 18 race dates last year. Elevating this Saturday’s experience even further, players will also have the chance to give the renovated slots location a try. The renovation last fall resulted in 150 brand new slot machines installed on site.

Kawartha Downs Workers Worry about Their Jobs Once Shorelines Casino Opens

Better days are on the horizon, as Kawartha Downs will continue operation under new ownership. The racetrack’s owner inked a deal with Romspen Investments Corporation following years of controversy and insecurity. Over the past two years, no purchasers came forward, leading to the ultimate purchase by the mortgage lender.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Offers Hefty First Gaming Revenue Allocation

All gaming enthusiasts were ensured that the slots location overseen by Great Canadian Gaming would continue operation. Expansion is also on the way. This was further solidified by the renewed three-year contracts of as many as 50 individuals unionized with the Service Employees International Union Local 2. Kawartha Downs’ success would also guarantee it the continuous support from Ontario Racing.

Saratoga Race Course Welcomes Generous Turf Triple Series this Weekend

This Friday is projected to be a special day for Saratoga Race Course, as it is about to bring the second phase of the inaugural Turf Trinity and the even more appealing Turf Tiara.
The second batch of live races for 3-year-old turf runners would heat up the action starting August 2 and the US$750,000 Saratoga Oaks race. Renowned horses such as Concrete Rose are among the spectator’s favorites and expectations are once again skyrocketing.
Turf Tiara is about to see its second leg and once again excite everyone interested in live racing in New York. Following already established working models such as the Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, Turf Tiara and Turf Trinity want to elevate the experience across the summer months and be a driving force for the local horse racing field.
Horse Racing Returns Once Again
Saratoga Race Course and Belmont Park are about to once again welcome a crowd this week. The first live event that would make this weekend even more exciting for New York horse racing fans would be the August 2 live race at Saratoga Race Course.

Inaugural Turf Trinity Transforms Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course

The US$750,000 Saratoga Oaks Invitational is expected to challenge its participants and showcase their skills on the turf. For the first time ever, Concrete Rose will have the chance to run at 1 3/8 miles at Saratoga Race Course, striving to bag the first place prize.

Queen’s Plate Goes Down in History for the 160th Time, Paves Way for More

Rusty Arnold trainee, this filly has accomplished a lot, as it is an Ashbrook Farm and BBN Racing’s three-time graded stakes. Now all eyes are set on her, as she has the skills to outrun all rivals on the way to the top.

Prince of Wales Race Confirms Nobody Would Bag the OLG CA$500K Bonus

Another event that really solidified her leading position was Concrete Rose’s performance on July 6. This is when Turf Trinity saw its first leg – the Grade 1 Belmont Oaks Invitational. Concrete Rose entered the 1 ¼ race and succeeded in dominating the field. Mr. Arnold is positive that she would have the skills to add another triumph to her name.
Winners Bag Hefty Prizes
Other notable names that would make their way to the live race this Friday would be Albert Frassetto’s Her Royal Highness, trained by Graham Motion. This race is projected to be a challenge for her, but at the end of the day, Mr. Motion stated that this has been in the plans for quite some time.

Fort Erie Racetrack Welcomes Colts for Second Leg of Canadian Triple Crown

A new name, Olendon is about to make a second appearance this week, following a North American debut and a French racing history. Turf Tiara would see its second leg on August 4, this one being the US$1-million Saratoga Derby with its 1 3/16 turf track ready to see a stellar performance by all three-year-old horses. For the very first time, this live race is going to welcome horse people ready to bag the stellar first-place prize, as well as bettors ready for action.

OLG Encourages Canadian Triple Crown Winners with Additional CA$500,000 Prize

In addition to the live action on site, a broadcast would also be live nationally on FS2, propelling renowned Whitney Weekend festivities. The last phase of this racing action is scheduled to take place at the beginning of September, once again offering locals more.

Ontario Place Has No Desire to Welcome Casino Venue Operation

Ontario Place is going to be redeveloped in the foreseeable future and transformed into an even more appealing open-air location for everyone in Toronto. Now the government officially confirmed that the area is going to remain family-friendly and there would not be a casino venue launching operation.
It could be recalled that Premier Doug Ford has been supporting the idea, which is now scrapped for good. The controversial situation was able to stir the pot across Toronto with thousands of individuals opposing it.
A casino venue was projected to attract additional cash to the city coffers and ensure that more tourists would make it to the waterfront area of the city not only for the excellent views and the clean air but also for the opportunity of winning big in a matter of minutes. Casino opposition claimed that the area must remain a family-friendly one.
Ontario Place Wants No Casino
According to a previously issued opinion on the subject, locals consider a gaming hall inappropriate for such a crowded location as it could result in a surge in the problem gambling rates in Toronto. Easy access to any casino venue normalizes the activity and lowers the alertness of its risks.
There have been concerns that Premier Doug Ford would push the proposed casino venue. Within the months since the end of 2018, it became clear that a new casino venue located in Ontario Place would mean that a casino operator has to claim a brand new license for operation in the region.
This, in turn, could lead to the cannibalization of the local gambling field. In this sense, the process became a hassle-free one with the decision to scrap all casino venue plans whatsoever. Some 56 percent of the individuals that participated in a Forum Research survey, made it clear that they are opposing the construction of a gaming venue within the Ontario Place area. As many as 1,427 locals participated in the poll and expressed their opinion regarding the project.
More Details Issued this Tuesday
Some 65 percent of the individuals that expressed their position pointed out that even if there is a casino venue built on site, they are not going to make their way there and play, essentially boycotting its operation before it even started. Gaming revenue projections for the casino hall were low, as a result of this position.
The casino project that was supposed to boost the revival process of Ontario Place included a spacious casino venue overseen by a casino operator willing to explore the opportunity. It was going to include an adjacent hotel tower ready to welcome Toronto guests. Issued plans for actions also included a waterpark for increased entertainment potential on site of the venue. Now all these plans are scrapped for good, focusing on more family-friendly ones.
May 14 saw the official adding of Ontario Place to the Toronto’s Heritage Register which makes it even more important for the revival project to maintain its good image. Tuesday is about to bring more conversation on the subject on site of Ontario Place and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Michael Tibollo is going to speak on the subject and the latest decisions.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Secures Future Casino Ajax Operation

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is among the leading casino operators in Canada overseeing multiple locations. Now it was confirmed that the casino operator would continue its management of the slots venue at Ajax Downs racetrack. The agreement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation would mean that the gaming venue would not close for good anytime soon.
The modernization process of Ontario was one of the opportunities for bringing a breath of fresh air to the field previously overseen solely by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The casino operator received green light for the operation of the Greater Toronto Area gaming bundle of casino locations. This meant that Casino Woodbine, Great Blue Heron Casino, and Casino Ajax welcomed their new management.
Casino Ajax Continues Operation
In previous conversations, it has been confirmed that Casino Ajax would have to close for good with subsequent relocation to a brand new casino resort that would be built in Pickering. This caused quite the tension between the two communities since a casino venue is often associated with increased tourists flow and regular gaming revenue allocations to the host community.
The slots location in Ajax Downs launched operation in 2006 and ever since then, it has granted the city some CA$80 million in non-tax gaming revenue. Such a substantial boost is something both of the municipalities need and this eventually led to the conflict. Durham Live was announced about a year ago with its chosen location in Pickering. Meanwhile, Ajax officials promised to restore justice and keep Casino Ajax up and running.
They pointed out that the casino allocation is not the sole reason for the opposition since the new casino resort is going to impose significant changes to the pinpointed area. Traffic was projected to increase as a result of the new complex and roadwork would have to be done prior to the launch. The legal battle lasted for months until September 2018 saw the Casino Ajax expansion approval.
Durham Live Plans Still on the Table
Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government gave the nod to both projects that would compete in the relatively tight market only kilometers away. This called for a change of OLG’s rules of operation, as the two locations are going to be overseen by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. The two venues will have different gaming opportunities on offer catering to different needs.
Casino Ajax will continue operation with 500 instead of 800 slot machines, whereas Durham Live is going to feature more than 2,700 slot machines and 1,000 table games. The new bundle lease agreement inked with OLG is going to guarantee Ajax Downs future, as it would continue receiving support from the gaming venue. Rod Baker, Chief Executive Officer of the casino operator, claimed that the East Great Toronto Area gaming bundle and the West one gave the company new strength for development.
The former guaranteed the township of Cavan Monaghan, the City of Peterborough and surrounding areas, the City of Belleville and the municipality of Quinte West, as well as the City of Kingston and surrounding areas, including Gananoque and Leeds and Thousand Islands. The latter guaranteed that the casino operator would oversee operation at gaming venues in Brantford, at Mohawk Racetrack, Flamboro Downs, and at Grand River Raceway.

Edmonton Welcomes CA$61.5M Century Mile Racetrack and Casino

Monday was a special day for Edmonton as it saw the official opening date of Century Mile Racetrack and Casino. Hundreds of curious and excited individuals were eager to be the first ones to lay eyes on its exciting offerings and entertainment potential. Grand celebrations commenced at 9:30 a.m. in the raceway located near Edmonton International Airport marking the beginning of a new chapter for Alberta.
Century Mile has been preparing for this moment over the past years and the special day chosen for the official launch has s significance for the operator. On this day exactly four years ago, Century Downs in Calgary welcomed its first enthusiasts with a grand ceremony, making it a memorable one. Now it is time for something new guaranteed by the CA$61.5-million racetrack project with an adjacent casino venue.
Live Racing Starts April 28
As many as three floors welcomed racing and gaming enthusiasts spanning across 89,700 square feet of space. Players were eager to see the upgrades Century Mile has been able to offer, as the new location replaces beloved Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino. The casino venue takes over a substantial portion of the very first floor with its various gaming offerings.
Players would have the chance to enjoy some of the newest slot devices, as there are some 550 of them sprinkled across the floor. In addition to that, the gambling area also offers electronic table games and as many as 14 video lottery terminals. The latter enjoy both the interest of a large number of players and the judgment of people condemning them as deceptive.
Their number is, therefore, smaller, since Atlantic Lottery Corporation is currently fighting for protecting the controversial gaming devices in a class-action lawsuit. The outcome of this lawsuit could make or break video lottery terminals’ future across Canadian provinces. Apart from the traditional gambling offerings, the casino venue also offers innovative areas that are sure to attract players.
April 1 Is Special for Century Mile
The casino area would also surprise players with the special REPLAY gaming stadium that would elevate the player experience on a whole new level. With as many as 28 play zones and the chance to enjoy action on a digital wall screen players are in for a treat. Thanks to the one-mile racetrack, betting enthusiasts would also enjoy a wide array of offerings and positive experiences.
Century Mile Racetrack and Casino comes with Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing with many live dates year-round, as well as all forms of pari-mutuel wagering. The first action day is April 28 and locals are already eager to enjoy live action. It could be recalled that October 2018 saw the last live racing at Northlands Park. Those interested in betting could do so at the off-track betting premium area.
There are family-friendly offerings on site, which welcomed their first customers this Monday. The Derby is set to become a preferred dining location with excellent dishes, whereas the bar would ensure everyone is having a good time on the second floor of the facility. Increased traffic was a concerning topic for locals, but as it became clear, the property offers some 1,700 parking spots for all enthusiasts.

Drake Pours Cash into eSports Platform Making Amateurs Feel Like Pros

The competitive video gaming field continues its expansion with rising popularity and worldwide-known celebrities appear to enjoy what it has on offer. Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, also known as Drake invested a substantial amount in the eSports startup Players’ Lounge. The seed funding phase managed to amass some CA$4,028,130 which would boost the platform’s development.
Over the past years, eSports popularity is growing at breakneck speed with more and more people getting to know the opportunities for entertainment it offers. Betting is only one of the attractive features that comes with competitive video gaming and enthusiasts around the globe can enjoy. The added thrill of watching professional gamers perform stellar on stage at the live tournaments and online elevated the experience to a whole new level.
eSports Betting Platform Seeks Funding
Drake is known for his interest in betting and gambling which explains his willingness to make a move and support a company that has yet to showcase its full potential. The seed funding ended up being a success for the eSports betting platform and reached millions of dollars that would be used for the growth of the startup company.
At a later stage, the business could see Series A, B, and C funding rounds for additional support. Drake is among the investors that recognized potential and wanted to support the company. Among them are big names and brands to the likes of Zelnick Media Capital founder Strauss Zelnick, Comcast, Macro Ventures, Canaan, RRE, Courtside and co-founder of Lumi Labs, Marissa Mayer.
The platform itself makes it possible for competitive video gaming enthusiasts to get a taste of the action. It aims to focus and cater to regular people with a 9 to 5 job with amateur gaming skills. In this sense, Players’ Lounge wants to differentiate itself from other already existing eSports betting platforms including professional players.
Competitive Video Gaming Increasingly Popular
Up until this point, the startup has been able to host events in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, San Francisco, and Toronto. Competitive gaming tournaments are accessible by anyone interested and have already taken place in bars across the US and Canada, an idea welcomed by bar managers willing to diversify their offerings. Now the second phase is well on its way, boosted by the investment of major names in the industry.
Online tournaments that allow live betting on the teams and their performance is going to raise the popularity of Players’ Lounge and attract even more enthusiasts. Canadians are interested in eSports and according to a recent study conducted by Mintel, some 22 percent of them compare it to traditional sports when it comes to importance. Games such as Call of Duty, CS:GO, Dota 2, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Halo, to League of Legends, NBA 2K, Overwatch, and PUBG are preferred.
Furthermore, this year is projected to see the official launch of the first Canadian eSports stadium called The Gaming Stadium, constructed in Richmond. Myesports Ventures Ltd is currently working on the construction of the groundbreaking project that has the potential to make Canada the next eSports hub.
It should also be taken into account that ever since October 2018, Drake is the co-owner of 100 Thieves eSports organization. It managed to amass some US$25 million over the span of a year. Scooter Braun, talent manager linked to celebrities to the likes of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber was also part of the investment.

North Bay Council Openly Demonstrates Casino Venue Would Be Generous to Community Organizations

North Bay is preparing for the future construction of a casino venue, but in the months leading to the official information issuing the City Council prepares with essential motions. At the most recent Council meeting Councilors Tanya Vrebosch and Johanne Brousseau introduced a motion that prompts a report on how community organizations could benefit from a casino venue operation through regular allocations.
In the foreseeable future Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is expected to work on its casino proposal and reveal more around the exact location where it is going to build its North Bay gambling venue. There have been discussions throughout the last few months, but for the time being, only previously mentioned parcels of land have been mentioned, without anything set in stone. Even though the community has not been that welcoming towards the idea of a new casino venue, now Council members are willing to warm them up to the idea with community organizations allocations.
Community Organizations Set to Benefit from Casino Revenue
With the help of this new motion, the Chief Administrative Officer will have the task to take care of a special report that will evaluate the possible allocations. Gaming revenue generated by the casino venue will be able to support various community projects and community organizations are projected to benefit from it as well. Projections show that the City could receive up to CA$2 million a year. Moreover, the report will also aim to clarify the criteria for qualifying for those regular allocations.
Councilors Vrebosch and Brousseau expect this report to be of great use in the upcoming several months, as this is a pivotal point of the entire project. Once all i’s are dotted and all t’s crossed, a committee is going to review it and take into account the information listed in it. At the moment there are many questions and details yet to be revealed when it comes to the casino operation in North Bay, but there is something the community should be aware of – the City Council wants to support North Bay organizations.
Bingo is one of the ways in which local charitable organizations continue existing, as the association is able to allocate around CA$1.2 million per year to some 60 local organizations. A new gaming venue might affect existing charitable bingo operation in North Bay and this has been among the main points expressed by the opposition of the casino venue. For the time being, Council members state they cannot make any estimations, as the construction has not even commenced. The only way they can reassure people is through this recent motion for a report.
Endangered Turtles Also Made their Way in the Conversation
In addition to this, the adopted motion also mandates that individuals experiencing gambling addiction would also receive adequate help and support in order to overcome their unhealthy interest in gambling. Prevention is also an essential part of battling the serious issue. At the moment there is no information on the number of people currently struggling with problem gambling which is why the board prompted baseline research that would shed more light.
It could be recalled that last year Hec Lavigne, Mayor of Callander indicated that once the casino venue launches operation neighboring communities should also have the opportunity to benefit from its operation. This could be possible with the help of a revenue-sharing arrangement that will include neighboring communities in addition to North Bay. At the City Council meeting, members also looked through claims that proposed Pinewood Park Drive construction will negatively affect the protected Blanding’s turtles natural habitat.
Save the Turtle, Stop the Casino is the group that raised awareness on this issue during last week’s meeting. However, Mrs. Brousseau pointed out that while the endangered species act was already in effect the area saw sports fields construction. In the last week, other possible locations have been discussed and they are the Steve Omischl Sports Complex, West Ferris arena, and Memorial Gardens. The casino operator has not yet pinpointed an exact location of future casino operation.

Casino Rama Employees Give Green Light to New 3-Year Contracts, Await 10-Percent Wage Jump

Casino Rama Resort employees gave their resounding Yes to the new three-year contracts that were negotiated last week essentially ratifying the tentative agreement. With the help of this improvement, they are going to witness a wage surge of more than 10 percent over the span of the following three years of operation in Orillia.
Following about four weeks of heated negotiations filled with long sessions of discussions, casino workers expressed their content with the final results they achieved. Unifor Local 1019, the labor union that led negotiations on the new contracts, protects Casino Rama’s employees’ rights. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment and the union dedicated around 18 hours to the last portion of conversation regarding the new contracts regardless of the general exhaustion. The result had to be consulted with the casino employees with the help of a vote.
Workers Ratify Tentative Agreement
The workers at the casino and the adjacent hotel had the chance to inspect the proposed tentative agreement and weight its pros and cons. This happened at a special gathering at the hotel where they had more than 15 hours to learn more about their future contracts of employment and how they are going to benefit from them. More than 1,400 individuals working at the location on a daily basis were curious to learn how their lives are going to change over the span of the next several years.
Once they knew more about the proposed tentative agreement, there was a vote where people had the chance to express their support of discontent with the potential improvements. Some 72 percent of them agreed that these conditions are much more favorable than the current ones and they would like to see them implemented on site of both the casino venue and the hotel tower. This is how they voiced their support and approval of the way things had went.
Unifor Local 1090 made sure that their rights are protected and their previously expressed demands are taken into consideration. This new agreement covers the years ahead of 2021, progressively increasing wages over the span of this period. Workers will be able to receive more than 10-percent surge of their payment which has been their goal all along. In addition to that, they will also see considerable improvements to their pension plan.
Unifor Local 1090 Wanted to Keep it Fair to Everyone
Up until this point, workers at the casino venue has been concerned that their payment and benefit packages are among the lowest ones in the regional field, a status quo that had to be changed. Apart from the wages increase, casino workers will also see the official end of benefit co-payments, another improvement to their employment contracts.
It should be taken into account that they would also see the retention of 10 emergency leave days as a result of the negotiated agreement. In order to keep matters fair and in alignment with working conditions in other Gateway Casinos’ location, the tentative agreement was negotiated in its current state. The requirement for this Saturday vote was that 51 percent of Casino Rama’s workers express their support of the tentative agreement.
The last session of discussions between Unifor Local 1090 and the casino operator lasted 18 hours until the wee hours of the morning. It was a heated one, as it extended past the original deadline for negotiations threatening to see employees take matters to the streets and go on a strike. The very first days of January saw them voice their 95-percent approval of a strike if their demands were not taken into account.