British Columbia Buses Play Central Role in Lottery Winners Latest Stories

Lotto MAX winners across Canada celebrate their windfalls in various ways but all of them start at the same spot – at the prize claim center. This was the starting point for several brand new lottery winners that bagged their prizes recently.
Lottery wins are among the most exciting events in a person’s life, as they are never expected and people are often dumbfounded by the happy event. August 27 was a special day for Mr. Curle hailing from Mississauga, as this is when the winning draw took place.
The added bonus of Lotto MAX called Encore is there for a reason and many players make the best of it, by adding it to the overall gaming experience.
Jackpot Winners Galore
This was a game-changer for Mr. Curle, as he became eligible for a solid CA$1-million windfall and it is a significant one, even though it adds CA$1 to the overall ticket price. British Columbia was another lucky province, as it recently congratulated several new lottery winners for their good fortune. Arlana Morse and James McLauchlan both hail from Surrey and they spend a lot of time together.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

This is because of their job, as both of them are bus drivers helping people make their way around the city in the most efficient and affordable way, but also because they are a couple. The two of them celebrated their recent cash prize amounting to CA$1 million. It is a guaranteed prize coming with the regular Lotto 6/49 draw, proving that matching all numbers of the Main prize is not mandatory for a cash windfall at the end of the day.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

The Lower Mainland bus drivers succeeded in matching the 10 numbers needed for the Guaranteed Prize draw on August 24, essentially making each of them eligible for a bagful of CA$500,000. They took their time to come to terms with the prize, evaluating all options ahead of them.
Lotto MAX, 6/49 Offer More
For the time being, the two of them have decided that early retirement would fit well in their plans, as it would also make it possible for them to travel more. Their kids are also about to benefit from the windfall and have good education down the road.

Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity with ENCORE Draw Making Lotto Fans Filthy Rich

Buses played a significant role in the next British Columbia winner’s story, as he learned the good news en route. Adrien Malebranche is well-acquainted with the Vancouver traffic, so he made sure to have the winning BC/49 numbers printed ahead of the ride, as he wanted to check them. He did so at the Express News Tobacconist, where he had purchased the winning ticket earlier.

Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

Mr. Malebranche said that he has always used the very same numbers, as he considered them lucky enough for a grand windfall. His CA$2-million prize is going to fund his dreamed condominium purchase. In addition to that, the winner also wants to make a trip to Florida and reunite with his family. Meanwhile, a Lotto MAX CA$50-million jackpot remains unclaimed over the past couple of weeks.

Fort Erie Racetrack Swells Purses ahead of CA$400,000 Prince of Wales Stakes

Fort Erie Racetrack is amid a heated summer season with a myriad of live races taking place on a regular basis. In order to make the experience pleasant for all participants, the management made it clear that purses are going to witness a five-percent jump that would be visible in the remaining weeks of the 2019 live racing season.
All mandatory approvals of the increase have already been given. Purses are what motivates horse people to continue their work and elevate it to the next level.
There is a particular amount of cash that could be grabbed by the racing horses and their owners in every live race. Depending on the size and prominence of a given racetrack, the purses could swell to millions of Canadian dollars.
Fort Erie Hosts Canadian Triple Crown
Fort Erie Racetrack in Ontario is among the larger ones, as it has been in operation ever since 1897. Now the management wants to step up its game. Bigger purses equal content horse people and this is common sense for many racetracks.

Toronto Welcomes Woodbine Racetrack’s New Spectators Patio amid Heated Season

An increase in the purses must receive the approval of leading force in the field. The five-percent jump was greenlighted by Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario and the Board of Directors of the Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium.

Fort Erie Racetrack Welcomes Colts for Second Leg of Canadian Triple Crown

The main reason behind this surge is a relatively smaller number of participants in the live races part of the Fort Erie Racetrack’s 2019 schedule.

Inaugural Turf Trinity Transforms Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course

Tom Valiquette, chief operating and financial officer of the FELRC, pointed out that the increase could draw more horses ahead of the thrilling live races this summer. Big names in the racing world to the likes of Flavien Prat and Richard Baltas would return for the second portion of racing thrill part of the Canadian Triple Crown.
Purse Increase Anticipated
On July 23, the post time is set to 3:55 p.m. guaranteeing an exciting afternoon for all individuals interested in becoming part of the event. In addition to the five percent surge, the Board of Directors also gave its nod to a 20-percent jump in almost all Prince of Wales races. The only exception that would not see an increase is the CA$400,000 Prince of Wales Stakes race that is also part of the Canadian Triple Crown.

Queen’s Plate Goes Down in History for the 160th Time, Paves Way for More

The live race is known as the second of three legs of this live racing extravaganza. Three-year-old horses such as Skywire and One Bad Boy are among the leaders among betting enthusiasts, as they come with the best odds for this second race. This race is going to be the 84th one for the Prince of Wales Stakes and people are excited for the opportunities it could bring.

OLG Encourages Canadian Triple Crown Winners with Additional CA$500,000 Prize

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently made it clear that there is one more incentive for participation in the event, as this could bring a bonus windfall for the winner of all three legs. The corporation offers a special CA$500,000 bonus for the colt that manages to become the 13th horse to win the entire Canadian Triple Crown.

Celebrities, Casino Money Galore at Cascades Casino Chatham’s Official Ribbon Cutting

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment wants to go above and beyond when it comes to its casino offerings and this is an approach evident by its ongoing expansion across the province of Ontario. August 8 was eyed as the day of the official launch ceremony of its latest casino complex in Chatham that cost some CA$36 million to its developer.
Cascades Casino Chatham is here to transform the gaming scene of Chatham-Kent and attract a crowd. Casino opening ceremonies are always a riveting event to attend, but they are also really meaningful for the host community, as they open a new chapter of its development.
Cascades Casino Chatham is about to change the way Chatham develops and the economy is projected to see a bump. Gaming revenue of the new casino complex is going to guarantee regular allocations to the city coffer, as a percentage would be reinvested in the community.
August 8 Brings Launch Ceremony
Cascades Casino Chatham saw its soft opening on July 16, as the management needed to take the pulse of the local community and the number of people willing to make their way there. In the meantime, the casino venue was preparing with last checkups and twitches to the gaming devices available on site. About three weeks later, the official launch ceremony took place.

Cascades Casino Chatham Soft Opening Welcomes Effervescent Crowd

As many as six days of live celebration is going to commemorate the official opening of this gaming complex, a gathering that attracted local officials to the likes of Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff, Chatham-Kent Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls, and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Chief Operating Officer Lori Sullivan. In order to make the celebrations even more exciting, Mr. Sullivan had some financial support to offer.

The Final Chapter: Gateway Casinos Dresden Makes Way for Cascades Casino Chatham

Gateway Casinos Dresden saw its last day of operation mid-July, as its employees are now relocated to the new casino in Chatham, but its gaming revenue allocation has to support the community. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s COO presented the Mayor with a cheque amounting to CA$884,638 generated over 2019 fiscal year.
Friday Brings Celebrities on Site
The excitement of the community and neighboring ones have already been evident and over the past weeks, more and more people have made their way there. Rob Mitchell, Gateway Casinos Director of Communications and Public Affairs, made it clear that the progressively increasing number of individuals making their way to the casino complex has been a pleasant surprise for the management.

Chatham, London Ready for Booming Casino Operation Powered by Gateway Casinos

Celebrities to the likes of Calgary Flames defenseman T.J. Brodie and Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi are expected to make an appearance for a meet and greet this Friday, making the Match Eatery one of the hotspots in town. Locals will have the chance to meet them between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Local charities usually benefit from gaming operation and Cascades Casino Chatham’s launch makes no exception.

It Is Too Soon to Estimate Cascades Casino Chatham Problem Gambling Impact

Sales of selected food and beverage items at the new casino would benefit the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation up until September 6. The new independent casino complex was built from scratch and comes with 300 slots and 10 table games, as well as two signature restaurants.

Predatory Saga Continues, Catalyst Capital Buys Insolvent Bluberi for CA$92.7M

Previous allegations of predatory tendencies were aimed towards private equity firm Callidus Capital Corporation, as it supposedly caused Bluberi Gaming Canada’ insolvency. Now Callidus has decided it would be best if it arranged to sell all Bluberi Gaming shares it owns and assign Bluberi’s debt to investment funds overseen by The Catalyst Capital Group Inc.
Last year Bluberi entered a CA$228-million lawsuit accusing Callidus Capital of predatory agenda against it. December 2018 was a heated month for the gaming company that claims it relied on support in time of need but instead ended up being tricked by the private equity firm.
Accusations back then indicated that Bluberi Gaming felt trapped in a major scheme devised by Callidus Capital that eventually led to the insolvency state. With the help of various actions, Callidus Capital caused Bluberi’s debt to increase to an unexpected amount.
Catalyst Owns 72.2% of Bluberi’s Shares
Back in 2018 Callidus was contemplating its next move even before the lawsuit filing. The plan for action back then was that it would purchase Bluberi’s assets after the bankruptcy. The recent announcement would see the Toronto-based company sell Bluberi Gaming’s shares and then assign the outstanding debt to The Catalyst Capital Group, owner of Callidus.
This purchase would cost is CA$92.7 million to The Catalyst Capital, as this is the amount of the debt accumulated up until this point. Following a detailed review of the pros and cons of this move, Callidus’ Board of Directors concluded that it will progress with the plan for action and see its completion. BDO Canada LLP had the task of evaluating the status quo when it comes to Bluberi Gaming. It concluded that its shares are priced between CA$84.5 million and CA$100.9 million.
In this sense, in order to offer a beneficial solution for everyone involved, the purchase is going to amount to CA$92.7 million. July 2 is projected to bring a mandatory meeting of Callidus shareholders that would aim to evaluate the situation and take into consideration their position on the subject. It could be recalled that March 2019 saw Callidus make a move towards selling the shares and assigning the debt.
July 2 Sees Shareholders’ Meeting
Callidus Capital helped the gaming company out with a loan reaching CA$18.5 million that had the ultimate objective of improving the company’s future operation and guaranteeing it will continue offering its products to as many happy customers as possible. Bluberi Gaming is known for its collaboration with casino venues across North and South America as a gaming software provider.
Striving to offer a diverse portfolio, it oversaw operation of gaming offerings both at brick-and-mortar casino venues and of mobile gaming. What ended up happening instead is that allegedly the private equity firm started changing previously negotiated mutually beneficial conditions. Eventually, the Toronto-based lending company was supposedly able to achieve its goal of leading Bluberi Gaming to insolvency.
Gerald Duhamel was the Chief Executive Officer of Bluberi Gaming up until 2015 and he was the individual accusing Callidus Capital of predatory tendencies jeopardizing the future of companies seeking support in times of need. The gaming company filed for bankruptcy, a case that includes the CA$228-million lawsuit seeking damages, but the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled to dismiss the lawsuit.

British Columbia Needs Broad Spectrum Money Laundering Battling, Attorney General Says

British Columbia is seeking ways in which it could battle money laundering via expanded and more efficient resources. General Attorney David Eby recently made it clear that the province would aim to increase the number of individuals monitoring the province and detecting money laundering threats part of the policing unit proposed earlier this year.
A recently submitted report revealing more about money laundering in the real estate field has prompted the increased efforts. Over the past several months laundering illegal activity proceeds via the gambling, real estate, horse racing, and luxury cars fields has been a topic of wide discussion not only in British Columbia, but also across the country, and in the US.
In an attempt to reduce the negative impact of this criminal activity and to prevent it from expanding even further, the government is after a bigger policing unit.
Real Estate Field Also Targetted
Former Mountie Peter German recently submitted his second money laundering report, this time focusing on the housing market in British Columbia. The piece of intelligence is currently reviewed by the government, as it could include information that could negatively impact ongoing investigations. However, the details it features have already prompted action.
Mr. Eby stated that there is a concerning issue across the province that should be addressed via a larger team that would look not only into the gambling field but also in the real estate one. The first Peter German report called Dirty Money recommended a special unit that would conduct criminal probes across gaming facilities located in the Lower Mainland. Now the recommended unit would have to see more people joining and expanding its scope to the real estate field.
The reason for this change of plan was that as many as 20 properties located in the Lower Mainland region were linked to individuals previously associated with money laundering. The properties estimated to CA$43 million and were connected to individuals part of the E-Pirate probe conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Probes Would Continue in Lower Mainland
The investigation revealed that more than CA$220 million was laundered with the help of an underground bank in Richmond and casino venues in the region to the likes of River Rock Casino. China and Mexico were the locations where the cash originated from and loan sharks have been known to provide their clients with fresh CA$20 bills at casino venues in the region.
It should be taken into account that the British Columbia Government is going to pour some CA$70 million into money laundering battling in the foreseeable future. In addition to that, about CA$69 million would go towards probes related to supposed money laundering activities in the province. The second Peter German report is going to shed more light onto the subject and shape the new policing unit.
Recent cash washing discoveries point towards River Rock Casino’s gaming scene in the late 90s and when it all started. Former supervisor of the gaming floor spoke about the changes in May 1997 and the way the gaming location was transformed only months later. Following limits jump to up to CA$500 per hand and the introduction of baccarat tables, VIP casino patrons were quick to make their way to the venue with their constant supply of CA$20 bills.

Ontario Horse Racing Field Bags CA$115M in Annual Allocations from OLG, Government

The horse racing field of Ontario is about to receive essential funding that would improve its operation and offerings. Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli stated that the field is going to bag some CA$10 million on an annual basis for the funding of various projects and programs, as well as for the creation of new jobs across the province, as part of the Horse Improvement Program.
Ontario Racing is projected to distribute the allocations projected to serve as a positive boost for the horse racing field of Ontario. With the help of the CA$10 million per year, the field is going to work for better conditions down the road and the breeding of horses for various races. With the help of this regular allocation, the field would be sustainable and able to provide individuals with a steady income and reliable employment.
Ontario Racing Offers CA$10 Million Per Year
Up until now, the Enhanced Horse Improvement Program was able to take care of the regular allocation supporting the field. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs administered it. Now it is time for a change and generous allocations on a regular basis. Minister Fedeli pointed out that the main objective of this move is to make taxpayers a priority.
Individuals involved in the horse-breeding field in rural communities would now be able to rely on the support, as this is one of Ontario’s hallmarks. In the long run, this is expected to maintain the existing jobs around the field and create new ones. It should also be taken into account that the Optional Slots at Racetracks Program would also continue its operation, supporting race courses to the likes of Hiawatha and Kawartha Downs.
OSARP would offer regular financial support for the race courses that are eligible for funding as part of it, ensuring their operation would continue. Individuals directly affected by the horse field and its offerings would continue relying on its sustainability. In addition to that, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is determined to bring to life the field with the help of its program that would guarantee CA$105 million annually over the span of 19 years.
OLG Offers CA$105 Million over Next 19 Years
Those funds are going to be used for the support of racecourses and the purses. April 1 is eyed as a special day, as this is when the first portion of the funding would be offered. Stephen Rigby, OLG’s President and Chief Executive Officer made the official announcement that brighter days are on the horizon and Ontario’s horseracing field is about to receive substantial financial support from the government and the Crown corporation.
In relation to this, the future appears to be brighter for Western Fair District in London, now that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment announced its change of plans. At the moment, the gaming operation adjacent to the racetrack amasses nearly CA$6 million annually. The financial support among the lines of OSARP does not include Western Fair District for the time being, but Reg Ash, Chief Executive Officer, is confident that good things are coming.
He pointed out that there is not much that could be done until Gateway Casinos’ lease is over. Once this happens in the upcoming year. Once this lease is over, the conversation would have to start with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the government in order to guarantee a sustainable future for London horseracing.

Ontarian Bags CA$5M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot while Lotto MAX Reaches CA$50M

Lottery jackpots are among the most appreciated gambling perks bringing together players from near and far willing to bag big winnings. Lotto 6/49 recently saw a grand windfall, but the minimal jackpot of CA$5 million was also bagged during the March 23 draw. In the meantime, Lotto MAX continues swelling and could reach CA$50 million by March 29.
Only players that have won a lottery jackpot know the thrill of seeing your numbers matching those on the screen and finding out that you have become an overnight millionaire. Someone in Ontario has recently experienced this sensation or is about to because the winner has yet to contact the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and claim their prize. The Saturday draw was a fortunate one for the province, as the guaranteed CA$1 million prize was also claimed by a ticket sold there.
Lotto 6/49 Braces for the Next Draw
The lucky numbers drawn this Saturday were 03 06 20 22 23 24 plus the bonus one 19. Even though the digits might appear hard to choose especially when a player purchases the ticket, the draw highlighted them. There is a player in Ontario that had chosen this exact string of numbers and will be praised for that.
Their jackpot is exactly CA$5 million and whoever is in possession of the single winning ticket would be eligible for the prize in its entirety. They have exactly 52 weeks to claim their prize. The progressive jackpot that could be bagged on March 27 will once again reach CA$5 million with projections that even more people will make their Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase.
In addition to the grand jackpot, another Ontario resident is eligible for the guaranteed prize of CA$1 million. The matching ticket has 41198269-02 printed on it and whoever is in possession of it is now a millionaire. All players are encouraged to check their tickets and make sure that they have not lost the priceless piece of paper.
Lotto MAX is About to Reach New Heights
In the meantime, the most recent Lotto MAX draw once again saw no winner of the grand jackpot. All eyes were set on the March 22 draw when the jackpot managed to reach CA$35,784,176.60. The winning numbers drawn were 01-03-20-21-27-28-44 plus the bonus one 43. Even though the grand jackpot remained untouched, two tickets are going to share the second-best prize and bag CA$175,465.60 each.
The pace at which the Lotto MAX jackpot grows is quite impressive, showcasing the levels of interest Canadians express towards the game. Players are holding their breath for the next winner, since the last time this happened was on February 27 when a player from Winnipeg became a multimillionaire. The well-rounded jackpot back then reached CA$13,345,152.30.
Ever since then more and more players have made their potentially fortunate purchase in the hopes of it changing their lives. This Friday could make this possible, but even if the grand windfall survives, there are still guaranteed millions of Canadian dollars that could transform people’s existence.

South Huron Council Strives to Draw Casino Operators to Picturesque Grand Bend Area

Casino expansion has been an ongoing quest throughout Canadian provinces and it is always interesting to see the way a given community considers a proposal for gambling operation or the possibility of such. Grand Bend is one of the towns which could welcome a new casino venue if the desire for development expressed recently turns out being mutual and shared with a casino operator.
South Huron council recently made it clear it is interested in attracting casino venue operation in the foreseeable future, as this could result in beneficial allocations for city coffers on an annual basis. It is no secret that gambling is often introduced to a certain region when there is a need of economy boost and a new casino venue could appear attractive to thousands of individuals. Regular allocations generated by the gambling revenue could also be utilized for various projects across the community and its overall improvement.
Potential Casino Operation Would Benefit Coffers
South Huron Mayor George Finch announced that the area of Grand Bend has the potential to attract quite the crowd which is why actions have been taken in this direction. The first step of this process is probing the field and researching the general attitude towards development in the region. South Huron Council commenced the conversation and is currently talking with gambling officials that might be interested in building a casino venue in the area.
Some of the larger casino developers and operators could express interest in building a casino venue because of the environmental potential the area has. Lake Huron is one of the hottest spots in the area and thousands of individuals make their way there because of its beauty. In addition to that, there are also many premium beaches that are heated in the summertime, as well as activities for the people interested in extreme sports to the likes of parasailing, skydiving, and paddleboarding.
At the moment there are three gambling venues in the region that enjoy steady customers flow. OLG Slots at Clinton Raceway is some 30 miles from Grand Bend, which means that cannibalization of the local field is unlikely according to the initial estimations. Gateway Casinos London is also located in the vicinity, 45 miles southeast of Grand Bend. In addition to that, there are also Jackpot City bingo hall in Sarnia and the premium Gateway Casino Point Edward attracting players from both Ontario and Michigan.
Grand Bend Might Become Gambling Hotspot
The local government is also part of the conversation around a potential casino venue and this is mandatory, as operation would need a gaming license. The casino venue might be built near the town, in order to be distant enough from residential neighborhoods. Problem gambling concerns might arise in the future and council members want to prepare ahead of those conversations.
Players safety is a priority and the appropriate programs preventing and treating compulsive gaming tendencies would improve the entire experience. It should be taken into account that the casino venue operation near Grand Bend would also mean that neighboring communities would benefit as well. With the help of a revenue-sharing agreement, communities to the likes of Lambton Shores and Saint Joseph could benefit from annual allocations as well.
The new entertainment complex could feature a casino venue with various offering to the likes of slot devices and table games, in addition to more family-friendly offerings such as a hotel tower providing accommodation. Dining offerings are also expected to be introduced along the lines of the new project. Upcoming months will see more discussions on the subject and potential gambling activity.

Cosmetics Could Conceal Money-Laundering: Vancouver Police Links Ritzy Product to Organized Crime

British Columbia’s money-laundering ring used a wide variety of front businesses in order to facilitate the criminal operation happening in the meantime. Recently issued allegations add a brand-new player to the game, this time a Vancouver-based cosmetics company called Ritzy Product, suggesting that the company facilitated the washing of copious amounts of dirty cash teaming up with Silver International.
A new player joined the game and this is a seemingly harmless business such as the cosmetics company targeting females of all ages with its offerings. Vancouver law-enforcement discovered a link between the company offering various cosmetic and personal care products and the money-laundering ring that included Silver International Investment Ltd. The ongoing probe conducted by the local police called “Project Trunkline” sought to reveal more about potential drug trafficking in the area and laundering cash, eventually revealing a link between the two companies.
Front Businesses Facilitate Money-Laundering
A civil forfeiture case reveals that there is a connection between the cosmetics business and the already investigated by the RCMP Richmond-based business. In the process of investigation, police officers had the task to follow around people working for the company and get a better idea of the way Ritzy Product works. Employees of the company had the task to move around boxes with products delivering them to their customers.
The entire range of products offered by the cosmetics company is stored at a warehouse located in Vancouver, facilitating the process. Police officers were able to identify and locate the mastermind behind the company, commonly referred to as Mr. Wong. He was on site of the warehouse and ready to bag some of the parcels for delivery. Officers estimated that the time to investigate further is right and shortly after that, they proceeded to pull him over in order to inspect the boxes he transported.
Upon inspection, they discovered that Mr. Wong’s cargo contained some CA$215,000 in cash with an unidentified source. Police officers then returned to the warehouse and raided it, discovering CA$5,000 more in cash available on site. Mandatory tests for cocaine residue came back positive on some of the banknotes. What linked the two companies was the fact that Mr. Wong was caught on tape making his way to Silver International’s office carrying boxes and bags.
Silver International Records Feature Ritzy Product’s Director
The CCTV footage investigated after the raid at the warehouse revealed that Ritzy Product’s Director had been making trips to Richmond delivering parcels to the office of the company that is already investigated for being an alleged front for laundering of dirty cash. It could be recalled that 2017 was the year when the Richmond company was accused of being the central hub of money-laundering operation involving casino venues in the region to the likes of River Rock Casino.
Caixuan Qin and her partner Jian Ju Zhu are the alleged kingpins behind this criminal operation and ever since December 2018, the British Columbia Civil Forfeiture Office targets them. In a recent statement, they made it clear that their basic rights were violated by the authorities with the raids they conducted at their home and business office. According to records available at Silver International, Mr. Wong was a regular customer of the company, referred to as ‘Nelson’ or ‘Nel’.
Back in 2015, he managed to see as much as CA$3.8 million in deposit transactions, as well as up to CA$20,000 withdrawn. A recent court filing claims that two vehicles and cash available at the warehouse of Ritzy Product are the result of trafficking of substances and washing crime cash. However, the lawyer protecting Mr. Wong in court stated that the cosmetics company is not in any way connected to Silver International. The probe continues seeking answers, while British Columbians seek a public inquiry.